Happy Birthday to me | 2013

September 22, 2013

This is one of my best birthday ever . I did celebrate it together with housemate. We just celebrate at home, but there was a cake and candle . it make me so happy. 
I also received quite a few presents from my friends and sisters . 

The kawaii hellokitty eyes mask, cute blanket and the polka dots bag were from Azliza and Jelin. 
The Ferrero rocher, birthday cards and a cute silver clover key keychain were from kak usrah, the three besties. 
the lacey denim blouse from Padini was from my housemate. 
Actually I did mention a few days before to Ezza that I never bought anything from Padini and I want to go shopping one day. And it turned out they make it as my birthday present. Like seriously, I don't have any intention at all, I just said it for the sake of sharing stories. anyway thank you soooo much muah muah :D


  1. hai....dox usha2 trpaku kt tajuk 2...mari blogwalking....dah follow pown
    jom g sini jugak..supaya blh merapatkn silaturrahim


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