Review : Comelnye Essenseri

May 28, 2013

Hello girls out there . Well today i'm quite excited to review a new fascinating brand known as Essenseri .
First of all you have to know that Essenseri products are produced in Malaysia and you do need to worry anything about the ingredients in there because it is totally safe and no dangerous chemical subtances like hydroquinone and what so ever.

Here they are .

OMjayyy the packaging is so cute elegant. very girlish :D
i like it so much ! how bout you ?><?

OK , let me start with the cleanser .

Wrap in green with small pink tag,.ee comelnye :)
75ml with only RM18.
BUT but but the effect was very good and amazing .
It helps to remove dead cells, whiten the skin and make our skin smooth and fresh !
We can also use it as makeup remover . Just try it out girls .

You know , i had been looking for the face mist for long time since i think it will make my face fresh instantly . and it is no joke when it is truly happened when i found Essenseri Serum Mist. For you information , Serum Mist is another Essenseri quality product which comprised into 3 series . RM29 each $$

1 - Acne Reduction 2- Extra Whitening 3- Age Defying

Acne Reduction - recommended for those who has acne problem. Cleanse your face thoroughly with Essenseri Facial Cleanser and then proceed with the spray of miracle to your face. Avoid contact with your eyes , Closing them closely^_^haha# i mean just close them.

in bahasa , this series is for
  • mengatasi jerawat(yang degil)
  • merawat alahan kulit
  • merawat kerenggan kulit dan pori tersumbat
Next, Extra Whitening .  Ok lepas selesai masalah jerawat, apa lagi. mari memutihkan kulit sama-sama . Putihkan kulit ni berperingkat taw . It takes time. Biasalah tu kan. Just make sure you are consistent with it.It promotes luminous, soft, smooth skin with a light hydrating mist that is the perfect skin "pick me up" for use through out the day . Essenseri Serum Mist ni sangat sesuai untuk wanita-wanita dan gadis-gadis yang semakin busy nowadays. Dihasilkan dengan botol bulat yang comel memang senang untuk dibawa ke mana mana sahaja. Letak dalam pensel box pon boleh . You can spray them whenever you like. Kalau bawak handbag, you can just place them in the small pocket bcoz it is just so small and convenient .tak payah nak bawak krim2 bagai. Why ?

Because it is S.E.R.U.M . it do act as toner, moisturiser and others which will make your skin become more fresh and glowy each time you spray .

Lagi satu , apa yang paling best dengan SERUM mist ni , after you all solat, you all can just spray like a boss bebeh . serious tak yah buang2 masa lagi nak apply macam-macam . It just lighten your task . easy aite ?

Last but not least , Age Defying. It is to reduce wrinkles and make you skin looks young . !
Spray it a few times daily . then just wait and see .

 The details behind of the box, so as i said before , no need to worry anything, If you hesitate , you can always check back the info given.

This is the Q&A from the Essenseri itself . I know you can't read bcoz it is blurry image . My apologies .
Read them at Essenseri Website & Dont forget to like the fan page too.

Emails are replied very fast and easy to communicate .
Elegance and sweet ! Like it :)
I feel fresh after using the essenseri serum mist. 
The whitening serum , i havent use it yet . Gotta try :)

Simply mist your face anytime, to give your face a healthly glow and refresh your skin. Can be done using Essenseri Face Mist 


  1. Salam sis.

    Thank you for your wonderful Essenseri review.

    For more product updates and to order, boleh layari

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    1. wasalam ..

      you're most welcome :)

      yes sure .by the way Thanks..

  2. bagus review essenseri ni. mmg ramai kena buat pilihan tepat la

    1. ehee .. try la ,. serum tu .. very good..

  3. wow, awesome, i can try it maybe,. haha.. suka warna dia colourful gitu.. haha =)

    1. the colour of the packaging should be a little bit darker and nicer . glad you like ,.

      ha try jangan tak try . the serum just RM29 . tambahan , essenseri ada 50% right now .

  4. nak cari lah nnti . thanks sebab share , sis . :)

    1. ok anis amila . tp kalau nak mudah order je online ..
      sama2 :D

  5. harga pon Ok.. ;)

    sy follow sini :)

    1. thats true .. thanks dear :D i'll follow you back :)

  6. menarik review awk.terima kasih :') salam ziarah heee

    1. thanks ,. biasa2 je sis ..
      welcome :D

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  8. Must buy iolls pun asyik tertangguh je nk bli hehe

  9. Alhamdulilan! Berseri-seri sis bersama produk Essenseri :)

    Produk Essenseri juga boleh didapati di Teraju Sari Beauty secara online. Ada promosi HADIAH RAYA PERCUMA dengan pembelian set Essenseri sempena promosi bulan Ramadan & Syawal.

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