Starting a small jewellery store

Hello .. yeah i know its really hard in my heart.. I dont know why i think i did the wrong thing .. I am a student , to be specific medic student which is a bit tough than other course . I am going to be a doctor, Insyallah .. my future is there . I am MARA's student, and all the things had been planned. The things that i want to highlight is 'time and tide wait for no man' ,. I have a lot of things to study  to master, to practice ; and a lot moree..

To short, I am going to open jewellery small store so soon. Hopefully this would be my hobby and i am not having any stress with this hobby..

Uh hobby ?

yeah hobby , i promise to myself , i wont let this hobby distract my study time which i would only make this jewellery at weekend or only spend like an hour a day if i am too addicted . I hope i can reduce the passion i have right now and keep it in stable condition..

First i am going to make a few collections of mine .
Second, I am going to tell my mother about this to get her support insyallah .
Third, I would snap a picture and post them in my blog if it would attract anyone .

i already bought the plastic wrapper and all the things needed for packaging and i will keep it first .
It does not really important yet .
To be honest , i spend a lot of money for this small business start . i hope i got support soon !
Tawakaltuhallah , as long as i did not anything wrong .
Tomorrow i will get my stuff ,
and i will start slowly with it ^^,
Hope there would be someone like my creations and buy it !
Thank you for support !


  1. be though sis..HE doesn't choose u to be in that 'killer' field for no reason..and of kos u are among the chosen one..You can do it! :)

    1. thank youu dear give me a really constructive comment. are right . I will always remember it then! ^^,

  2. wah, bestnye! insyaallah murah rezeki. :)