So long ..

March 3, 2013

It has been so long that I couldn't update my little magical blog . I also have been through lots and lots of obtacles since my last update .

Bad feeling, relationship and others. I had realised that I already turn up to someone I'm not before . Yes true . when people said . Now is more vital than the past . Forget the past and dream the future ... but i just love my past attitude (in some cases) maybe . i have to admit i love my past more . ;)

cause i miss them right now ..... I miss for being so childish wif my friends, laugh as this world is mine .

n ... Oh yeaaa , glad to inform you , I am on holiday right now . MID SEM BREAK yezzza ! this saturday i will reseat my Muet ;( pray for me .pleasee
and last but not least , my sister going to be married in just a few months ahead . ! i just act like i am the one who will be married . trololol .

till then . !


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