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Perlu ke update selalu? perlu ke marah customer?

March 10, 2013

Timbul satu topic pulak sebelum tidur, mentang-mentang la ada internet ..em perlu ke update selalu ? kalau dah pembaca setia tu tak kot kan .? macam fatin liyana, hanis zalikha, sebulan 2 kali je update, beriban je traffic. eh ? masalah aku ni FL ke , HN ke ? takkkk ... Lol sendiri tanya sendiri jawab .

In my humble opinion , i do think that yes , we should update blog sekerap yang mungkin untuk people get know our blog by at least ,ada jugak makhluk yang  baca satu dua post .. yeke ? apa pentingnya reader dengan post yang ada ?
nahhh , sekarang ini anda harus memikirkan apa kehendak anda . traffic tinggi ? kepuasan diri ? bukan traffic , bukann kepuasan so ?  tiada kehendak .. . hm boleh blah ye.

Lol sendiri tanya sendiri jawab . again# (Perlu ke update selalu?)

Actually it was an awful incident this evening, where me n my friends went out for many reasons . Pendekkan nak beli makanan , barang and etcetera. Bayangkan pukul 2 merayau-rayau tengah panas , bapak lah panas kan . Jumpa lah ais blended yang  tak berapa nak blended(geram punya pasai) .
Wa yang tengah hot tengah2 hot matahari tu memang lah tak tahan tengok aisss blended yang boleh menyejukkan tekuk ni ..

Satu chocolate ice blended telah ditempah 15 minit yang lalu . Bila patah balik dekat kedai tu . hok aloh , tak siap lagi .kitorang semua dah nak balik , penat . then aku cakap la aku nak cancel . but i did not say .kak , cancel k , chaww~ no ya . i wait for her agreement . well kalau dah buat tu cakap laa . dik , dah buat dah ni , jap eh.  tak salah kan ?

tak tahu la dia sengaja atau x , dia senyum dan angguk . kitorang pon beredarlah dari situ ,. setapak dua daari gerai tu dengarlah bunyi2 tidak enak . puih puih. bukan .,nccnuefbvbhrenjdchd.

I just make myself as a deaf person at the moment . Well , slight insulted actually .
But we as customers have right . ! Those who cannot give full responsibities toward their job , please quit ,.Apa-apa pon , sekiranya salah di pihak aku , aku harap Allah ampunkan dosa aku. tetapi sekiranya salah di pihak mereka , semoga allah memberi mereka hidayah dan mengampun dosa mereka juga . :)

apa keheee la yang aku bicarakan benda ni ?S.E.L.A.M.A.T  MALAM ..

well lovelies , wait for my jewelleries ya ! 
Ehm sekiranya ada yang sudi bagi pendapat , which one would you prefer, bracelets?necklaces? or earrings?
Gogigunyte !  Jangan lupa basuh kaki dan baca doa tidur :D 

Starting a small jewellery store

March 9, 2013

Hello .. yeah i know its really hard in my heart.. I dont know why i think i did the wrong thing .. I am a student , to be specific medic student which is a bit tough than other course . I am going to be a doctor, Insyallah .. my future is there . I am MARA's student, and all the things had been planned. The things that i want to highlight is 'time and tide wait for no man' ,. I have a lot of things to study  to master, to practice ; and a lot moree..

To short, I am going to open jewellery small store so soon. Hopefully this would be my hobby and i am not having any stress with this hobby..

Uh hobby ?

yeah hobby , i promise to myself , i wont let this hobby distract my study time which i would only make this jewellery at weekend or only spend like an hour a day if i am too addicted . I hope i can reduce the passion i have right now and keep it in stable condition..

First i am going to make a few collections of mine .
Second, I am going to tell my mother about this to get her support insyallah .
Third, I would snap a picture and post them in my blog if it would attract anyone .

i already bought the plastic wrapper and all the things needed for packaging and i will keep it first .
It does not really important yet .
To be honest , i spend a lot of money for this small business start . i hope i got support soon !
Tawakaltuhallah , as long as i did not anything wrong .
Tomorrow i will get my stuff ,
and i will start slowly with it ^^,
Hope there would be someone like my creations and buy it !
Thank you for support !

So long ..

March 3, 2013

It has been so long that I couldn't update my little magical blog . I also have been through lots and lots of obtacles since my last update .

Bad feeling, relationship and others. I had realised that I already turn up to someone I'm not before . Yes true . when people said . Now is more vital than the past . Forget the past and dream the future ... but i just love my past attitude (in some cases) maybe . i have to admit i love my past more . ;)

cause i miss them right now ..... I miss for being so childish wif my friends, laugh as this world is mine .

n ... Oh yeaaa , glad to inform you , I am on holiday right now . MID SEM BREAK yezzza ! this saturday i will reseat my Muet ;( pray for me .pleasee
and last but not least , my sister going to be married in just a few months ahead . ! i just act like i am the one who will be married . trololol .

till then . !

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