Giveaway by Mira-chan

I realized something when I read my own blog, I usually update blog when I am half tired and half sad , lol ..

kira blog tempat melepaskan tension2 di kepala .. whuuu .. saya bukan blogger sejati lagikk macam dulu2 asyik dengan dunia blogging . i miss that moment ... i will try to update as many as possible after this ,. maybe once a week . please dont get bored with same entry oh !
 I am going to Etude House tomorrow .. can't wait to try many products .. :D insyallah, .It is my first time *kesian kan..  ..

Eh awak semua .. kite join mira-chan punya GA taw ..sukanya that amigurumi ..that elephant looks very cute ..awak berbakat lah mira-chan.. nanak , nanak, nanak .. kite belajar amigurumi hari tu tak habis T_t click that banner to join ..

assalamualaikum ;)

tema . makanan , hikhokhik