Today Makes Tommorow

Morning everyone and my bby blog :D
I feel quite good today .. and wish to make my day means to me ..So i had plan my acivity today .. It is not full with usefull things but at least I am not wasting my hours online facebook and others which really waste my time. I know that actually but I cannot stop that ^_^ slap#..

TODAy PlaN . :)

start from now ..
09.30  bath
09.40  bersiap
09.50  translate some words yang tak paham
10.00  turun bawah tengok jualan buku *jgn lupa bawak duit
10.15 jalan ke kuliah
10.30 buat discussion bio yang tak siap semntara tunggu lect
11-12 kuliah bio 2
12- 1 kuliah physic 2
01.15 sampai kolej
01.30 makan di cafe or bawak balik *tengok keadaan
01.50 kalau boleh mandi dan basuh kain
02.10 solat
02.30 rehat dulu

amboi padat aktiviti aku .. ingat kondisi badan belom elok sepenuhnya ..

03.00  study bio and make some notes
05.00 study math sikit dalam 30minit
05.45 solat
06.00 lepak dulu dan beli makan siap siap
07.30 mandi dan solat
08.00 rehat
08.30 study chemist
10.30 rehat
11.00 tidur

as a conclusion , i got two hours for bio , two hours for chemist and 30 minutes for math today ..
I hope it going well , but it is just my plan .. kita hanya merancang , Allah yang tentukan .. thats , what I believe , but must add something .. we must put an effort to do that and fight our lazy habits .. Kuat . Come on ,, chaiyookk .. jangan ketinggalan Anyss ..ang nak jadi succesfull girl right ? lagipun, everyone dah buat revision .. !!

Please stop stalker orang , .. Foundation only 1year .. to futher your study in medic , you must get 4.00 flat ! "_" i know you can do , ! If they can , why you can't ?

Till then ,.Aku dah terlewat 10 minit ni .. bai bai ..