SPM physic EMF and Internal resistance

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Student always skipped this easy as a pie question . hey . believe my words . PHYSIC is SIMPLE :)
The electromotive force and internal
resistance of the dry cell in the
below is 1.5 V and 0.5 ohm respectively.
What is the reading of the voltmeter when the switch is closed? (SPM04)
A. 0V
B. 1.5V
C. Less than 1.5 V
D. More than 1.5 V

Ans: C
E = V + Ir
1.5 = V + I(0.5) , then rearrange he equation,
V= 1.5 – 0.5(I)
Thus V is less than 1.5V

  1. Which circuit can be used to determine the electromotive force of a battery? (SPM

Ans: C , If the switch is opened, the voltmeter across battery will give the e.m.f reading

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