hey and assalamualaikum .. 
yeaahhh . today is a happy first october .. very relaxing day in a week ! can i told you that stuffs above is mine ? of course not ! i dont know what to blog but i wantttt to blog . i just blogging for myself . 
someone is reading my entry n not forget to drop comment(s) . thank you very much... someone is reading my entry only .. oh my pleasure .. 
dont wanna talk about this anymore . this is only quick update and directly translate from bm to bi . haha . my tuition starts at 11 morning . and only left about 8 minutes to take bath, breakfast . haha . at elevent hour act .. what am i talking aboutt ,. shuhhh shuh , i hate my blog when view it using notebook . looked very odd , fatique . haha .. snoobish ! bye 

have a nice day !!


  1. salam kenal...sweet tol blog nie...rase cam nak kunyah2 jew..sesuai ngan lagu...soft jew...:)

    dr segmen LULU

    jom singgah blog akak :


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