Paris ; The Eiffel towel :P


i wanna be there ! i want to be there ! help help ! the one of fantastical place maybe .:face19: (i heard something like that) all of a sudden , i eagerly want to talk about PARIS .. would you follow me being there ? hakakaka ,:face44:how i can be there without tremendous effort from now?

i meann , the SPm determine everythings . am i right ? as i am not very sure at all . :P:9:why ? because i heard , after spm i need to study hard more and more to achieve my ambition . as my ambition is :65: drum pleaseee .

A doctor
. . :7: i dont know why i want to be a doctor , but what i know is i born to be a doctor. okay fullstop . :face65: (start being silly ) :face72: forgivee me . :<
oh whatever.. lets look Eiffel tower at night ? come on ..dont be shy boys and girls hoyeahh .:131:

awww ! how awesome the picturesque scene . i love that . pondering when when when i'll be there ???? WHENNN ? i wish i would being there before my sweet thirty #30 :119: too old rite , but i need to save a lot of money first . as bento(bekalan) for extra vigorous shopping , yeahh .. i cannot wait and imagine how the excitement fly to Paris one day .. i want to buy postcard,kichen(dont know how to spell:s:) and drifted souvenirs:78:

Mr H ,:n: when you are going to take me there? waiting ~~ . hehe . abaikan ><:c:

till next entry , bai bai:102: