Tutorial Follow&Dashboard button ala2 Tumblr :)

assalamualaikum & hi .

as usual , tutorial under request :) 
http://kupukupucomel.blogspot.com/ she ask . so follow the steps ya peep !

1.P Dashboard > Design > Add a widget > HTML/JavaScript.
2. Copy code dekat bawah nie and then paste dekat dalam HTML/JavaScript tadi :
<a style="display:scroll;position:fixed;top:45px;left:15px;" href="http://www.blogger.com/follow-blog.g?blogID=3380366724987341967" title="Follow"><img src="http://assets.tumblr.com/images/iframe_follow_alpha.png?468" /></a><a style="display:scroll;position:fixed;top:15px;left:15px;" href="http://www.blogger.com/home" title="Dashboard"><img src="http://assets.tumblr.com/images/iframe_dashboard_alpha.png?468" /></a>

3. Kod warne purple tuh korang pi dekat Design and tengok . Contoh ;- mcm dekat bawah nie blogID tuh ! :))

4. Oke, nampak kan ? itulah blogID . Then, save . :))

tq :


  1. wowww. tulah pelik gak ladang2 ada blog yang mcm tumblr tapi tgk blogspot. kihkih.

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  4. huhu . .best nyer tutorial nie . .
    btw . .da follow belog nie . .
    comel sngat3 ! !

  5. oh menarik...
    habis kalau tekan situ, keluarlah kan...
    oh oh...
    boleh try nie nanti...

  6. cam ner nak hilang kan nav bar 2 T_T

  7. thax so much for this tutorial. it really helped. and 've made it. :)

  8. nk tanyer templat yg comel kt mane?
    yg mcm blog nie punye?

  9. Thanks for the tutorial.tp nk tnye la..cmane eh kalo nk buat follow ngn dashbord button ni sebelah2,bkn ats bwh, sbb die terlanggar dgn shoutbox,nmpk x kemas la sy pnye blog :0

  10. akak, just nak tanya, kalau guna blogskins nak paste kat mane ye kod2 ni ? *agak membuta nak edit belog* hee =D