Happy 2019! My goals and resolution + dream

Hye beautiful people on the internet! It is 10 minutes to 2019 !!! I am so cannot wait and I know that 2019 will be a good good good year to me. I hope so ! and I would pray to be so.  Insyallah.. may Allah always bless me with his goodness to me and my family.

I know I am not perfect but there 'll always be a good opportunity for me to change. Having said that , I have a couple of dreams or a few of resolutions / goals in 2019.
Things that I have not achieved in 2018 , I hope to make it HAPPENED in 2019.

I am so happy right now because I love to talk about good things and there is only one thing that I want to achieve in my social media presence , it is to INSPIRE. I hope I can be an inspiration in any way that would turn other's life better.

So here are some of my realistic goals and some of my BIG DREAM in 2019 . 

I giggle a little bit while writing this down , because NOW I just realise that there is a very very deep meaning in word DREAMER and an animal which BEST respresent a big dreamer for me is a unicorn. and that is why i just love unicorn so much and the colors of the rainbow around it.

It is NOT always wrong to be a dreamer , or just dream big , because that dream of yours is actually gonna spark your steps forward and that actually what makes you better from yesterday.
i know it is true! because I have experienced it and I am the LIVING PROOF of DREAM BIG.

because i dreamt to be a doctor and yet I am a doctor to be . I just finished my MBBS for 5 years.
I dreamt to further my study in oversea , yet I stayed in India for 3 years for my study. I also went to couple of countries including Dubai , India , Indonesia and Thailand

I have so many dreams and some of them become true after all.
so .. I just want to know that there is always a good things about DREAM.

But remember , DREAM should always be folllowed by ACTION. 

So really ,  here are some of my realistic goals and some of my BIG DREAM in 2019 . 

I always want to be daughter but I am just so rebellious. I love to have things on my own way and that sometimes contradict with our parents mindset which maybe they are correct  most of the time. but having a strict parents, really make me kinda rebellious. but hey i am 80% good daughter ok, i do housechores, i cooked especially the rice, and I do dishes. So not bad huh


It is probably the time for me to remember adik beradik sepupu sepapat name. believe it or not, I am so bad at remembering name. I forget like so quick. My lecturers and teachers, not so many of them I remember, so maybe it is time for me to value those things, start remember face with their names.

I also want to improve myself in so many different ways , start from the simplest thing ever but kinda hard to me , which is to be punctual. Maybe I have to the early birds, not be on time , but be before time. Even though this is hard to me . really. but i will try........ especially during HO

I hope my business will always grow forward and serve the right people with right things.
I have a few businesses , a business from early 2018 and a business coming soon in 2019.
I hope I can provide the best service for both businesses. Oh one more business is my Youtube. I actually make some income from Youtube. But still until today , I make videos because I just love it. Making income from Youtube is not easy but being bless with it make me so grateful !

so now the best part ! MY BIG DREAM

I dream to become a millionaire.
hahaha.. ok that was not realistic. i know but it is dream right? Dream usually does not meet the logic criteria. so yep . I want to be a young millionaire if possible this year . haha . but I don't mind if even in 2-3 years time. but I will become a millionaire or half millionaire with hard work, passion and patience.

How ? of course with my upcoming business! wish me luck guys because I am gonna work hard on that project and I will try my best to live my dreams even if I am not becoming a millionaire this year but years to come , indeed. i'll try and i just want to live happily with my family, travel the world and work from wherever.

#WORKFROMWHEREVER is my dream before HO..

 so.. what is your GOALS this year . and DREAMS ?
please leave a not logic DREAM ok. something that you think other people think 'it is impossible' but it is actually possible.

See you in the next post !


  1. happy new year !! have a blast year ahead ^^

  2. semoga tercapai azamnya.. happy new year 2019

  3. Happy New Year, anys. I can't believe that you are back to blogging world. Hoping for more blog posts and Youtube videos in the future. X

    Syaza | www.syazaraihanah.com