May Wrap Up ❤

Assalamualaikum . kalau tak tulis ni memang sampai ke sudah tak akan terupdate blog ni. Sorry sebab lama sangat tak update, sejak March macam tu . but it doesn't mean that I am not here. I am just right here on the Internet, but more on  Instagram and Youtube. So catch up with me there if you want okay?

Bulan ni , ya Allah , short posting tak tau nak habaq macam mana busy nya. Nak kena catch up a lot. Baca a lot. Now , medic is dificult is making so sense to me . and no life ? emmm. not to that point yet la because I still have time nak ber 'Next Top Model'

yes girl , you are right.

Kita wrap dari segi Entertaiment first.

In May , I have discover my new favourite show which are

  • Asia Next Top Model Done to the latest episode
  • American Next Top Model Done cycle 22 and 23
  • Pretty Little Liar Done to the latest episode
  • Guardian of Galaxy Vol 2
  • Baywatch


Moving on to studies. 
I had finish Radiology , Anaesthesia and Orthopaedic posting. Finished the exam too and that is the reason why I update my blog. Finally I got to chill and relax, update my blog while having a cup of tea. wohoo. I perfomed okay, no excellent but we shall see the result. And yep, I already got my previous posting result and I got the best grade among all the batches , B+ but still grateful. Kalau ada rezeki, nak la merasa sekali DISTINCTION A- ke A atau A+

Tetiba ada sport sedangkan tak pernah jogging pun kan. My college had organized sport day which is known as Adrenaline Rush among our collegue. I have participated and won gold tennis,  silver futsal and silver 400m x 4.

It was slowing down to its minimal because I was a little bit tight with money. I need to save it up for future :D

Guess what , in order to collect money even more, I do actually run a business. First, I sell saree original from India. I got chiffon saree as well as Silk Saree. very very soft. If you are interested , check out @sareelegacy.

Second , I sell FIT ME Foundation from Maybelline. Check out my instagram @anysnadhilah

Yayyy . thats all for my May Wrap up. I hope one day if I miss my old me, I would check out my own wrap up :D


  1. I miss you, Anis!! Haha 😄 I miss you posts. What to do, life gets in the way 24/7, right? But dapat baca monthly wrap up Anis pun okay lah huhu btw nnt nak check out foundation tu!! 😍

    Lenne Zulkiflly Blog

  2. I'm shook. your new blog layout is so pretty xD *heartemojieyes*

  3. Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan..

  4. I pun agak jarang update blog sekarang! haa, maybe I should do a post like this, monthly wrap up! xD

    ieyra h. | blog