March Wrap Up ❤


Assalamualaikum . Sebulan tinggal blog , siapa yang perasan ? Nak kata tinggal blog sebab sibuk sangat, tak . Tinggal blog sebab ada final exam , tak.
Cuma tak  tahu mana semangat nak menulis menghilang , kurang idea dan inspirasi mungkin.
Anyway , where have I been in a month of March ?

Primary Care Posting and youtube
Primary Care was 2 months posting and to be honest , it was the best posting of all because the doctor was so kind , even gave tips before exam , discussed a little bit on how to answer past years. For me , he was really helping. Andddd the best part that makes this posting the best was everyday I only have one or two classes which started at 11am and finished at 1.30pm , so everyday was a leisure for me. Hence it gave me the advantage to make more videos on Youtube. I don't know what had inspired me to make a lot of videos in March. I did a lot of video ideas brainstorming, filming and editing. I was very comitted last month and I think it was paid off.

Kashmir the cheaper version of Switzerland
Did I mention I was going to Kashmir at end of March ? Kashmir was so amazing and spectacular. I was very happy with the trip because I went with my few favourites. Kashmir is a winter place so it was very cold and we did a lot of snow sports , eg skiing , snowcycle, sledging.

Radiology posting 
Primary care and holiday was over . Now, we continue the radiology posting which was two weeks. It just over yesterday and it was an absolutely busy posting. Woke up early and went to classes at 8.30 - 9 am then the classes end at 4.30 pm . Got to study the whole book about the posting too. Case write up and logbook. Tomorrow will be Anaesthesia posting

Sport Day a.k.a Adrenaline Rush
Yo it finally time for be to do a little bit of exercise. I played tennis for my Pink Panthera team and was winning it subconciously. haha . I didn't win , my partner win because he basically hit all the opponent balls. I thought I can play tennis but I can't ! Shameful.

Movie Time!
Watching movies is my forte . I have watched Beauty and the Beast and Baby Boss until last night. Both were beautiful and entertaining. I love the actor and actress , plot and twist in Beauty and the Beast. I want to watch it one more time online :D

New passion that I must mention in March -
PLL - Now I know why people were so addicted to PLL. They are twisted and mysterious. Always make me guess and I love each main roles in this series.

Bowling - I always love to play bowling but I don't partner with the same interest. But this time, I played it with my bowling partner and he changed my game. From the unskill bowler to a better one. ihiks. He taught me to read my ball and we played bowling enormous time. Really had fun playing it.

Youtube - I almost left blog due to youtube but can't help it . I love to write once in a while to express my feeling and share about my life because blog is my online diary.


  1. I love ur writing so please keep writing :)

  2. Lenne suka main bowling! sebab the anticipation kita dapat hit semua bowling pins or tak hahaha

  3. Please share your trip at Kashmir!
    I am a PLL addict, i really hope it end soon because sometimes i am tired to figure out who is th person behind it

    Atheera /

  4. It's been a while since my last time playing bowling. Glad that you have a great March 😊

  5. In my 25 years of existence, I only played bowling like.. 3 times? Sbb tak pandai main and tak suka the feeling when all eyes were on you when you standing at the front hahaha. Last main bowling dekat Genting and chipped my nails hahaha

    I haven't watch the B&TB sebab waktu tak mengizinkan so nampaknya have to download the movie instead.

    My father is in loveee with Kashmir and hopefully I'll get a few notes from your upcoming post about it 😊