LAZADA CONTEST : My Raya Outfit Details for this Raya 2017

Assalamualaikum , If you didn't know yet , which I believe you had , Lazada organized a contest from 19 May until 30 June 2017 (4 Weeks) . During these 4 weeks, there will be 1 contest held every week with a different theme. I have waited for this week contest from Lazada because it is one of my niche and I think it will be a little bit easier for me to write. and here we go , my entry for my outfit details on Hari Raya for Lazada.

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Hey , this is my Raya Outfit details post.
Shhh ! I don't usually share my Raya outifit, it will be my biggest secret! I can only tell you my color theme, but the design would be absolute confidential.haha (poyo kan) However , that was during my old days. Nowadays, I share everything about my Hari Raya outifts , makeup and stuffs. Though I cannot show you my actual outfit during Eid (wait for that outfit post) but this is my plan for Hari Raya Outfit 2017.

In order to brief my outfits in this post, I'll be answering questions from Lazada.

a. What's your color theme for this Raya?
Nude! I really want to wear nude baju kurung for a really long time. I find it so elegant and beautiful when other people wearing it so, this year is my turn to shine !
Can you see the heels in above picture ? I dah lama nak kasut style macam tu dan I nak nude color! I taknak hitam ke brown ke , nak nude and I want it to be my Raya shoes too.
And can we take a moment to feel the love of the handbag. It is so pretty ! I love chained handbag really , they look chic !

b. Share your outfit details for this Raya
I have something light and glittery , nude in color in my mind. I want it to look like mesmerizing !

What I am looking for is not available yet in front of eyes, or if they were ,
I cannot afford it (fill in the blank ) T_T . Still looking online and offline.

But here this is more of what I want my Baju Raya to be. It is a little bit fancy more than I have imagine but still I'm lovin' it. Isn't it pretty?

Loving the colour, perfect nude than ever !

Loving the minimalist lace! It looks luxurious.

I would reduce the tutu if I want this to be my Baju Raya , or change the tutu to plain bottom. It will still it would look nice.

c. What outfit/clothes would you like to buy on Lazada’s platform for this Raya?
Talk to me about shopping. I have A LOT to buy from Lazada.

Tudung : Inner neck is a must nowadays. It will step up your hijab game.

Bag : Last weekend, I went to Charles&Keith store and I wanted their quilted handbag more than everything but I spotted a great dupe at Lazada ! with only RM20? Huge STEAL !

To complete the look, I need a watch ! Rose Gold watch is always my thang!

That's all for my entry . I was really enjoy writing this post coz I got to do things that I love which is window shopping( whoop2) .
I hope you'd enjoyed reading this too.
And wish me luck for winning this contest! I want the voucher so I could shop some stuffs for RAYA. amin !

Join the contest too if you want to stand a chance winning the voucher.
Click the link :  The more the merrier !


  1. Wrna nude mmg lawaa sgt

    Goodluck utk contest ni

  2. Hi,

    Nude pon ok~ nampak muda..

    let visit mine

    1. tu la ! anis pun muda lagi ni kena la gaya gaya warna yang taknak pakai dah time tua nnti. haha

  3. Nude memang mesmerizing!! Serious cantikk..