October Favourites ♥

November 1, 2016

It is already November ! Why was the October flew so fast ? These few weeks of October I have been busy managing my new room , my new pet, and my new posting. Yes! I have my own room right now at India. It is the same room as before this but I am alone right now and it made a whole lot of different to my life. Because you know, decorating a room is such a therapeutic and being alone sometimes is more fun, at least for me.

For this month, my favorites are the product that I been reaching the most as they were actually very good for my routine use. So let's start !

Scholar Foundation
After secondary school, I was not really fond of the local foundation because, in my perception , the local foundation had cause break out to my skin once in a while because of the creamy texture. However , this foundation has been very kind to me so far , not that it does not give me break out instead it does lighten up my skin which I love the most. Since I've noticed the difference it makes to my skin, I've replaced my Bonjois foundation to this because that foundation is almost running out and this foundation did a very good job.

Hoola Bronze
Since the scholar foundation is a universal color which only has one shade and it is a bit fairer to my skin so I have to add a bit of shadow and tan to my face so this Hoola Bronzer has been a great product for the effect. It is matte and that's what I really want a bronzer to be because I want it to look natural when I go out. plus the color of this bronzer is just nice, not too fair and not too dark. Hence, you can intensify the color as you want and you can also just use a tiny bit of the bronze color if you want to go like 'no makeup' makeup.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 
My recent love and everyday must reach lippies. I am a sucker for Revlon Lippie because not only their color is super adorable and follows the trending but the longevity is the bomb dot com . Seriously , and that is the main reason why I been reaching this for my everyday look, or else I'll just pick up my trustworthy Revlon Matte Balm which I've been using for years and not dare to change it with other lippies.

Mac Eyeshadow
And yes , for the eye palette, this Mac eyeshadow is very good to go. It is very pigmented in only one application and the color that I own I think is just a must color for Asian women. It is a nice cranberry color and looks very subtle and sexy at the same time. I just love to add a little bit of color to my eyelids recently and this is the palette that I reached the most this month.

That's all for my favourites. I definitely have a lot more to share but I thought why not to save it for the next upcoming monthly favourites. I literally recommend all these products for you to try. Good Luck trying !


  1. my mom loves that cranberry eyeshadow from mac too! cantik kan!

    1. cantik ! I love it so much ! tho it is quite pricey tp worth it

  2. Great products, Anis. Would love to give it a try too 😊

  3. Tak dapat tengok kaler lipstick.. 😀

    1. tu lahh , lepas anis transfer semua baru perasan , so anis pikir nanti buat review je hehe


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