Hello October ♡

October 10, 2016

Can you see who is back with this monthly ritual in this blog ? I am surprised as well but I plan to have a better and clearer mind this year. Opps, do you confused with the word 'new year' for a moment ? I am already officially 4th year MBBS student this year. so 2 years to go to get the title doctor on my name tag. I have no idea how the future will run. But I just hope for the best ! 

Anyway, I do realize a few mistakes here and there that made me feel stuck and trapped inside a cage for the past months. I don't know how to explain it. Not that I cannot go out whenever and wherever I like, I am such a liar if I say so but before this, I felt like my feeling is dying inside a cage and I was just a walking dead zombie with ignorant feeling. I feel sad since I have to adapt and struggle with so so sooo many things after studying abroad. and at that time I don't know to whom should I trust and spill it out. My face may smiled and I may looked happy as nothing had bothered me but if you were close to me , you'll know what really tangled my mind and my really trapped my inner soul. But days have been a lot better since I had an amazing time in Malaysia last month. Pheww, it was actually really a meditation for an oversea student to chill and spend quality time with their family. 

Now, I'm back with my hobbies and my comfort zone, so here the first post of HELLO ritual for this year !

I hope this month will be a lot better and study more for good. Remember , apart from keeping a good relationship with Allah, family, and friends, what matter the most is to study real hard so that you will not kill your patient one day.  NO MATTER what will the result be. Just let's make your effort worth for your future ;)

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  1. hebat lah kak,salute.. teringin nak jadi doctor

    1. mana hade haa . biasa-biasa je. belajar rajin rajin ea!

  2. October will always be my favourite month. Hehe. Btw, hopefully this month will be better than last months. Stay positive and smile always! 😊

    1. if it your fav , must be an important in it aite ? lemme guess? your birthday this month?
      aminn . yasss !

  3. Hello back ;p

    In sya Allah, Anis boleh! Keep it up girl! Dan good luck.. :)

  4. Nice writing from a pretty girl. Thanks.



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