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Makeup Revolution Blushing Heart Review

August 16, 2016

Hye ! I'm back with make up reviews! Missing this so much , but I really want to do so much because I want to add a little bit more contents in my blog. So let's start with the first one, a blusher from Makeup Revolution known as Triple Baked Blusher Blushing Heart.

Makeup Revolution has three series of the same triple baked thingy which are Summer of Love ( a bronzer ) , Golden Goddess ( a highlighter)  and the one that I'm reviewing now is Blushing heart. Now it's getting a little bit more complicated because Blushing Heart has three more different shades of blusher, which are Candy Queen of heart, Peachy Queen of heart and the Blushing Heart where you can find the name at the back of the box.

As you can see, this Blushing heart is made of three cool pink shades. It comprised of a hot pink, warm dolly pink and a slight purplish pink shade on the top that made the blending become super amazing and beautiful.

It has a little bit of shimmer and definitely will give you more of a glowy, metallic finish and a little sparkle that disperses well on the face.


I love this the instant I swatched it over my hand because it is so pigmented and great colors come out quite easily. It also feel really soft and quite buttery. I feel like I was purchasing the high end blusher.

It is such a long wearing blusher. In fact it lasted me all day unless you wash it off. The blusher stays in place and does not smearing over your face.

I have seen this love blusher packaging so long ago, they are so beautiful . Though it is a little plain from the Too Faced Sweetheart Blusher (Blushing Heart is a dupe for this. RM39) while Too Faced costs about RM215, but this one is just nice for me !

This is my favourite blusher so far ! If you like shimmering blusher , this is the good one, unless you love more matte blusher then you might consider other blusher but adding this blusher into your collection won't be a regret :)

Random Haul ; Blushed Nude palette, eyelashes, lenses etc

August 9, 2016

I've been doing so much haul lately, but I was so lazy bird to make a post about it. But now, i feel like to do one! So lets digging into it.

when i was in Malaysia past Raya holiday, last month, these are a few items that I managed to grab at Aman Central.

shall we start with the pink vintage box and the white plastic box. I was planning to put the box on my table just as a decoration plus I can throw everything I want inside it but it still do look tidy. But currently, it is still empty and feel a bit regret of why do I bought it. I just don't need it really, but I will absolutely find a way to use it one day.

moving on to the make up remover wet tissue. I've been eyeing this type of make up remover since I used it during event[BEAUTY BOUND ASIA] last year. We have hackathon at that time as we need to remove our make up and then apply it back in a given time. It was the make remover wet tissue from SIMPLE. And it did the amazing by removing all my eyeliner,eyeshadow clean and clear. I was amazed and planning to get one, but took me a year to get it. Plus I am not getting from brand SIMPLE, i bought wet make up remover tissue from SASA. Will review it later insyallah

I was actually been eyeing the blushed nude palette from Maybelline too. I was contemplating to get NAKED 3 or this Blushed Nude. Of course Blushed Nude is 3 times cheaper than NAKED 3 palette so no need to think anymore right! But the consistency will be different of course. Anyway, I was soooo tempted to get the palette after swatching it on my hand, so yeah!

Next, eyelashes! I am not a person who really wear eyelashes. I feel quite my eyes quite heavy and uncomfortable but I still want to give it a try it out because our eyes will pop out once you put eyelashes on. I'm jealous with those who has the spidery long lashes,.
Contact lenses! Gosh, i didn't know how many contact lenses already i have. But to be honest, all contact lenses I have, usually I will only wear it one time while the expired period is 1 month/3 month. And then the contact lenses will harden and I threw it. I know it was Such a waste!! But I really afraid of getting any eyes infection that's why I rarely wear contact. However, this time, I want to get serious, taking care of the hygiene and really want to wear it more often, insyallah.
I bought 3 colors, baby aqua, brown and emarald green.

and then I also grab a few other things from Daiso apart from the boxes above. I grabbed very random things like cute black kitty phone holder and the earphone rolls.they've been useful so far. So that's great!
That's all for the haul!

My Makeup Story ♡

August 8, 2016

Hye love ! I've been tagged by the loveliest beauty blogger Syaza Raihanah to answer some of the beauty related questions. Thank you Syaza for tagging me! Glad to do this Q&A once in while. I have read yours, lets see mine ♡

I used to love to see grown up girl. I can't take my eyes off from them. I mean they look different! I feel like they are classy and looks so fabulous(please imagine a beautiful stewardess). Before this , I don't know how to achieve that look, I mean , do all grown up girl will look like that ?

Getting older make me realize , the stewardess or any fab grown girl wear make up to transfom their face. There's nothing wrong about it. Everyone is already beautiful, but with a touch of make up, you'll look irrestible. So that's maybe one the reason why i started get into make up slowly, step by step and yet still learning.

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
I think I started to use the basic make up like colourless lip balm and talcum powder at age 12. Let be precise about the others.
Progressed to eyeliner and mascara age 16, 
Eyeshadow and blusher at the age 18, 
Foundation,bronzer,eyebrow kits,highlighter age 22 :D

How did you get into makeup?
If we talk about the old days, obviously I was inspired by my closest people and it was my sister. I love seeing she's really really pretty after having some make up on. I would say the prettiest girl I ever met at that time. but at that time I just drilled about good compact powder and coloured lip balm. It was so different from now. Now I am really into make up , I keep buying new eyeshadow palette and start to play more with it :)

What are some of your favourite brands?
Drugstores : I love Maybelline the most. Revlon, Rimmel,  NYX,  Loreal
High End : Benefit, Mac, never own anything other than this

What does makeup mean to you?
Make up is an art ! Lolz same answer to Syaza , but really, it is a statement where you can hear  everwhere, people were saying the same thing all over again, but it will take you forever to say it until you actually realize one fine day make up is a real art that will transform anything to something.

If you could only wear four (4) products on your face, what would they be?
Rimmel foundation, Revlon Color Balm, Make up Revolution blusher, any eyeliner would be perfect!

What is your favourite thing about makeup?
It makes you become more confident and beautiful at the same time. We'll feel great. 

What do you think of drugstore vs high-end makeup?
I love both ! Once in a while, if i have more money I would splurge to get a few high end make up especially if it is a recommended item. but usually I would prefer the drugstore more than high end one because it is cheaper and you can always find a better quality with a good bargain.

What is the one makeup trend you've never understood?
Long fluffy coloured lashes is absurd. 

Nope . I cannot brain this kind of make up, mybe they wear this in Halloween so I don't know how they feels. 

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