Random Haul ; Blushed Nude palette, eyelashes, lenses etc

August 9, 2016

I've been doing so much haul lately, but I was so lazy bird to make a post about it. But now, i feel like to do one! So lets digging into it.

when i was in Malaysia past Raya holiday, last month, these are a few items that I managed to grab at Aman Central.

shall we start with the pink vintage box and the white plastic box. I was planning to put the box on my table just as a decoration plus I can throw everything I want inside it but it still do look tidy. But currently, it is still empty and feel a bit regret of why do I bought it. I just don't need it really, but I will absolutely find a way to use it one day.

moving on to the make up remover wet tissue. I've been eyeing this type of make up remover since I used it during event[BEAUTY BOUND ASIA] last year. We have hackathon at that time as we need to remove our make up and then apply it back in a given time. It was the make remover wet tissue from SIMPLE. And it did the amazing by removing all my eyeliner,eyeshadow clean and clear. I was amazed and planning to get one, but took me a year to get it. Plus I am not getting from brand SIMPLE, i bought wet make up remover tissue from SASA. Will review it later insyallah

I was actually been eyeing the blushed nude palette from Maybelline too. I was contemplating to get NAKED 3 or this Blushed Nude. Of course Blushed Nude is 3 times cheaper than NAKED 3 palette so no need to think anymore right! But the consistency will be different of course. Anyway, I was soooo tempted to get the palette after swatching it on my hand, so yeah!

Next, eyelashes! I am not a person who really wear eyelashes. I feel quite my eyes quite heavy and uncomfortable but I still want to give it a try it out because our eyes will pop out once you put eyelashes on. I'm jealous with those who has the spidery long lashes,.
Contact lenses! Gosh, i didn't know how many contact lenses already i have. But to be honest, all contact lenses I have, usually I will only wear it one time while the expired period is 1 month/3 month. And then the contact lenses will harden and I threw it. I know it was Such a waste!! But I really afraid of getting any eyes infection that's why I rarely wear contact. However, this time, I want to get serious, taking care of the hygiene and really want to wear it more often, insyallah.
I bought 3 colors, baby aqua, brown and emarald green.

and then I also grab a few other things from Daiso apart from the boxes above. I grabbed very random things like cute black kitty phone holder and the earphone rolls.they've been useful so far. So that's great!
That's all for the haul!


  1. Great haul, Anis :)

    Btw, can you do a review for the contact lenses? How much it cost per box? I was thinking to try wearing them too. InsyaAllah, soon :)

    1. Hye Syaza ! Thanks ! Yes it is my pleasure to do it. But I plan to wear on vacation this september so maybe around that time I will do okay ! xoxo


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