July 15, 2016

Assalamualaikum. It is undeniable that women always look for makeup for that quick boost of confidence. Whether we are heading out to work, events or even a casual day out, we will dab on some makeup to make our face appear fresher. 

Another event that women will never forget to apply makeup to is for dinner dates or dinner parties. Makeup definitely helps enhance a woman’s beauty and we will never go anywhere without even the simplest hint of lipstick or compact powder. 

Here are a few makeup looks for women to try pull it off beautifully to dinner events.
1. Romantic
If you want to mesmerize others, smokey eyes with plum lipstick will be the perfect look to pull. It shows your mysterious side while still making you appear dazzling in front of others as well as your date at dinner.
2.     Sexy
Everyone knows that red lipstick will always make you look sexy and gorgeous effortlessly. Whether you pull it off with a smokey eye or not, the red lips definitely draws other’s attention towards you. You can either pull your hair up or let it down, those red lips will make you catch anyone’s attention easily. And those wearing hijab, may only need simple hijab style.
3.     Sweet
For the ladies who want that feminine yet innocent look, opt for the pink blush look with a light pink lipstick as it shows off you sweet side. This is normally the top favourite makeup look applied by women due to its simple yet effortless beauty.

4.     Simple
This is known to be a hard makeup look to pull compared to the others as a nude look as if you are not wearing any makeup. But this makeup look is what make others fond into your beauty and cannot keep their eyes away from you.

That's all for the ideas for make up look for dinner. Thank you for reading this :)


  1. I always do sweet and simple makeup look. I want to try sexy makeup look too, but I'm not so brave to use red lipstick :]

    1. sama la macam anis . but gonna try one day if ada dinner ke apa ;D


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