#RayaSeries2016: Plum Eyes Make Up Tutorial♡

June 25, 2016

 Assalamualaikum♡ Drum roll pleaseeee . Finally !  I was able to record a new brand make up tutorial video for you . As I'd told you before in my previous post , I have created brown smokey make up tutorial but due to some anoxious click to the delete button, I have lost the video footages. 
So I was planning to do it again , same way how it was like before ,  but then I changed my plan. 

From doing a smokey brown eyes look , this look is more subtle and I infused more plum color to the eyes so that if your baju raya is purple to pink color, you can apply this look . And the most exciting part is , I was only using the pallete from NYX known as NYX Smokey Eyes. 

You can grab this at sephora or any retails pharmacies that sell NYX products. Mine was a gift from my close friend, Aynal. much love to you Aynal if you're reading this

I paired together with matte pink lip color then dark purple to make the make up looks more subtle and sweeter. Manis bergaya di pagi raya gitewww . yeahh

All products used are listed in the description box
This make up is really simple.
Watch it >here< if you want to recreate the look for raya ! Don't forget to give a thumbs up if you like it and  subsribe!


  1. Good to see you back on YT!
    Ramadhan is almost ending and Raya is upon us! I'm sure you are so excited!

  2. shout out la untuk Ainal jugakkkk kikiki

  3. Simple tapi cantik. Berkenan dengan eyeshadow tu tapi saya sekarang tak pakai dah eyeshadow. Bukan tak nak, tak pandai pakai. Diari Mommy Muhaimin

  4. missing you Anyss! hey hoo! hahaha u tukar no ke babe?

  5. I usually use this eyes look but I don't know that people called it plum eyes. haha. anyways, pretty!


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