GET READY WITH ME and weekend vlogging ♡

July 27, 2016

Hye girls ! It's been a while since last time I vlogged in my study place, Bangalore . and last weekend it was really spontenous, I didn't plan to go out or record any video. We were bored at the weekend and we decided to just walk around in the mall nearby . Well suddenly the ideas come out from my head . 'why not just record Get Ready With Me video coz I always put some make up on when I'm going out in the weekend. And yeah , I also didn't plan to vlog, but out of the blue I thought why not bring the camera and just record the surrounding of India, so it will give a little thought to people out there how exactly India is.

It's not too dirty , it's not too euwwww. It just nice . And it do actually depend on the place where you go . If it is where the poor lives , then it might be as digusting as how you're imagine coz people are peeing and pooping everywhere. But hey , thats not their fault. They just didn't have enough money, facilities and what not. Anyway , thats not the whole point of the video. It just a video where I put some make up on , record the road , mall , food in the cinema , buy some make up, drink a coffee and try some outfit on . But feel free to watch and do leave a comment plus thumbs up if you like it. I appreaciate every little love you give ! Thanks sweet heart ! Till next time

Much love,


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