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July 29, 2016

To be honest guys, I splurge too much on make up recently. I mean these past months. Everytime elaun masuk, mesti I berlari lari ke sephora. #crazyaite Thought that I am gonna share with you bits and pieces Benefit products that I managed to grab in these past 2 month. I am even suprise, my splurge with clothing has being replaced by make up like too abruptly.
Though, its quite high-end and expensive but I am happy to own every single of it coz they 're worth it and you can wear it for such a long long time( unless missing) so, no regrets. It is worth as long as you use it.

Well, (still self-comfort) I am 22, so I guess I can start wear make up and play more with it. Is this a good sign or not? I'm not SURE!!! But that's okay as long as you do things that u love and feel euphoric about it.

I'm loving all of these. They are all very good and great products.

You should try every single products in the picture above coz I promised you I also bought under recommendation and they're awesome! What people said was real, i do love how great their consistency, long wearing and easy application for each products.

I'm gonna do a full review on each products soon or later. But do expect them on September, coz it is my birthday month aka my fav months of the entire year aka holiday month for student medic Year 3 Bangalore. Insyallah .

Thank you for reading 😘
Much love,


  1. I always wanted to own a product from Benefit but it is so expensive. So sad :')

    1. yes Syaza ! it is so expensive thats why i always bought the miniature size ;')

  2. You're tagged!

  3. pleaseeee do the reviewwww been wanting to buy benefit's porefessional but still thinking.....

    1. ahah ! i will do soon ! insyallah in sept coz i need to try it out for a few times first . but people are raving about. if you're not sure you can buy the small size one first, plus it is a lot cheaper which is good !


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