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June 5, 2016

Its funny how suprised I am to see my last blog post was in January . I really coudn't believed my eyes that I've left this blogging and social medias world for about 5 months ! I also have left my youtube channel un-updated for the same good months. and I miss both so much! It's like I have lost my life. I feel like I've left the blogging world just for 2 months and that was because I've been very busy with the school works. Well, that shoudn't be the excuses. Went to Hospital at 7.30am and coming back home at 5.30pm, studied in the night and fall asleep. nothing else I can do.

Though I've not been updating anything in my blog but it doesn't mean my life now is totally about medical books ! it was really not. I was actively scrolling through youtube and instagram. I have finished a few MasterChef seasons and never miss my favourite vloggers vlog. I have shopping a lot, hang out a lot, eat a lot and that's how I wasted my time but never made it for my most favourite things to do back then (which is blogging) which make me really sad to think it again.

I don't really know what have restrict me from doing what I like. I feel vulnerable sometimes. I feel like I am not good enough. I coudn't express what are really flying over my head. Make it short, I've lost my confidence for certain reasons and I don't like it. 

Today, I am back writing . and feeling so much better . At least I am daring enough to work my fingers on with the keyboard. I just thinking of why should I stop doing things that I love. Why I should be afraid with the world. Why I should be vulnerable. I used to believe that this world is full of love and I still believe that. So I am not gonna stop blogging and i will keep it up ! 

I miss all my bloggers friends. Drop a comment if you miss me too ;)


  1. well come back.. glad to hear from u

  2. Who's on Earth who doesn't miss you. Everyone does! Haha. Btw, really really miss your writing, your youtube channel and everything!

    I know how it feels like when we feel vulnerable cause everything we did seems wrong to us. But I glad that you're back.

    I look foward for your next update. Have a nice day and happy fasting, Anys!

  3. Welcome back!

  4. yeayy for you ! welcome back ! itulah haritu ada jugak check nengok dah lama akak tak update . :)


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