Clothing Haul 2016

January 29, 2016

Coz I find that I want to share with you, what I bought for myself last month. I did buy a few clothes but I never wore it yet because I want to save it for a special occasion . Well , if you are wondering what is that so 'special event,'  it is just a travelling period. ;'p 

I am a type of person who would save something for the best. For example if I were going to an annual dinner , I would grab my rarest wore dress ever so that I look a bit different on that night. Or just buy a new one if I have surplus money (which I usually didn't, so I ended up borrowing my friends or sister wear ;')) 

I am going to travel to North India this end of March and I am so excited for that so I did some preparation for it which is to get some new warm wears. Why a warm wear? Obviously due to cold season there so of course I want to make myself warmer. I am not really good at handling cold temperature so I better keep myself equiped. 

Well, at this moment which is January, supposedly in North India, there will be a massive winter. You can play ice skiing, skating, build a snow man and what so ever people did in Winter but unfortunately during March, winter already is over but still the temperature is quite cold like when you breathe; their will be steam blowing out from your mouth (uuuuuuu). Never experience that though at one moment during sunrise in Airdom,Bangalore, I watched one of my friend able to do that.  Ah having said that, I forgot to update about my experience riding a hot air balloon, definitely going to share it so wait for it ya girl !

Back to main topic, (yayyy managed to deviate ;p)

This shopping haul was done at Zara, Forever21, Levis and Chumbak. Brands that I never in my life purchased in Malaysia because I literally couldn't afford that. I always went to Zara and Forever21 when I went to KL, particularly at Nu Sentral and Pavillion but I always came out with empty hands. 

So why on earth right now I can afford all of it? Please don't think I am rich. Actually, my dad is  a Dato'... well to my nephew he is a Datuk but he ain't got the nominees from anyone yet. For your information, I am not even that close to rich kind of peep or anak dato what so ever, but because the awesomemess and craziest sale ever here India .Sale sale sale sale. Yes, the sale literally made ma can purchase part of these with my Mara allowance ;D

Manged to deviate from the topic once again. 

Here what i got for my self

1. ZARA women's turtleneck sweaters

2. ZARA Contemporary Wrap Turtleneck Crop Top

3. F21 Stripe T-Shirt Midi Dress

4. F21 Floral Printed Skater Dress

5. Levis Baby blue Jeans 

6.Chumbak Popsicles sweater with gold zip detailing

Kindly watch my humble youtube video to find out my opinions on each pieces above ;)


  1. great haul my dearrr! miss you! xx

  2. OMG! We're totally the same. I usually can't afford Forever 21 ke, H&M ke, GAP ke or apa-apa jelah. Tapi, dekat sini, agak galak juga kalau pergi Forever 21 or H&M. Banyak sangat sales nya. Size pun ada :D

  3. Already watched the video. Suka dress floral tu sebab cute sangat! Since kat sana a bit low price, better belilah. Nanti menyesal. Hehe

  4. really love that floral dress! So cute!

  5. Seronok tengok barang yang sis beli. Rasa nak shopping pulak. Lagi-lagi tengah raya cina macam ni. Mesti ada sale.

  6. cute ok..
    btw, awk.. jemput join GA

  7. singgah sini..

    jemput join GA shawal.. ^^

  8. Aww lawanya Levis Baby Blue Jeans tuuuu <333

  9. cantiknya..

    jalan-jalan petang..

    jemput singgah :

  10. Tgk org shopping mcm nk jugak. Tp...


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