2016 !


Oh my goodness , I couldn't belived my eyes when I saw 2016 written on the paper everytime I needed to sign my attendance list in my classroom. 2015 has flown so fast and in hurry . It was like I have blinked and everything happened so quickly that I remember. 2016 means it has been 6 years since 2010 when first I started this blog. I just love seeing other people having a corner to write and I love to read them in particular if it is my friend's blog. I find it interesting to get to know my friend's even closer. Unfortunately some of them already left out their blog, but if you're reading this my friend, please continue writing so that I'll keep track of what has happened in your life. *me stalkish*

Having a blog is such a pleasure to me. I am not an avid reader especially to books and novels but I am so passionate reading people's blog. I love to know other's real journey in their lives especially when they captured it in descriptive way. To be honest , I am neither a writer or a reader . That explains why I rarely update about my life, but when I am inspire to do so, I will do it. Like right now. I don't know what is my blogpost title going to be , yet I keep on writing listing all my thoughts of what so ever is swirling in my mind. Oh I am sorry if you find my writing was quite ridiculous, the word, the grammar, I just love to do like this, write without feeling guilty at all. But it feels good, really good.

I remembered that every new month in 2015 I would say Hello to it , but for 2016 I don't feel like doing so. And me myself wondered why. now I am struggling trying to figure it out why. I realize that my new start was quite unpleasant. I missed things that I planned and I was feeling quite sad of how some people in my life treated me.

Oh dearie me. I would not mention it anymore because I already forgave those who made me miserable and complicate my mind . and you know what, I had decided that I would care less of people who do not even bother about me and my feeling,.  I propose I have other lovely yet priceless people around me to care about. so yeah, that's how it ended.

Now, come a new spirit , a new will , and a new motivation to ignore all those teary feeling and start a new chapter , in fact a big welcoming chapter in life. Chapter 2016. May it be filled with contentment, joyous and pleasureable episodes. Life is short, let's make the most of it !

This little collage wrapped out everything that happened in my life in 2015. I realize I was very happy back then to have this amazing family of people. They are my past but they are still my present. I'm glad that I said that because I never want to lose them. Though I am quite far by now because I am studying abroad but that's okay. Everything can be sorted out. Apart from being blessed by having too many great people in life, 2015 also gave me a huge lots of opportunities and accomplisments. Being a blogger, a volunteer and a youtuber definitely widen my horizon in every aspects. Thanks to everyone whose involved in my 2015, i love you all lots!

Now, 2015 is over . 2016 will unleash its magic!
I can't wait to create more amazing episodes of everyday of my life.
Start from tomorrow, shall we begin together ?

Love ♡ . xoxo


  1. it is not too late to wish u a happy new year!
    hope u always be happy and smilesssss! :)

    1. hehe , yeahhh its still January yeayyy !
      you too bv ! hope happiness will always be with you ..

  2. You are back! Its good to read your new entry. Hehe. Happy new year!

    1. haha . I am sorry syaza . I would love to write but I am totally lost of what to write hehe. anyway happy new year to you too !

  3. Hello there..


    I like what you have done with your blog. I haven't read all the entries yet..but I love the language, contents and the way you expressing your thoughts..

    Happy blogging..