Extra V Line Lift Up Face Slimming review

I have no idea of  what makes double chin very famous in times, everyone got double chin as they grow older, especially who eat a lot regardless the time day or night. Well, that's me. 
Though the person is petite, double chin is no exception.Unless you are really a skinny tiny type of person. Congrats of not having double chin :) envy you lots
Everybody want to have a sharp jaw line and look nice in photos rather than having a bloated double chin underneath. What changes first once you gain some weight is your jaw a.k.a chin size. Sometimes it bothers people because though our weight is ideal but the fat tend to move to cheek and chin area first which is quite frustrating sometimes when especially when taking pictures . The next aim is to do some general exercise, but you know, fat at cheek and chin are one of part that is difficult to tone down. Worries no more because there is one innovation that can help us getting the sharp v line without much effort.

Introducing the Extra V line Lift Up for face slimming.
No surgery required and no injections are needed. It is just same traditional ways but with options ; with exercise or no exercise at all. 

Let's talk about the product first.
This product is easy home care product which help us getting the most shape for our face. We can get the desire effect after using this product repeatedly and steadily. 
This gorgeous hot pink v line face shaper is designed with a attached pad that is easily adjust according to our face shape. It has a laser cut for ears and chin so that it can fit the face perfectly and comfortably.

It also comes with a few moisturizing masks to help the heating process under the chin. You can relax while wearing this v line pad under your chin and notice the result after a week of consistent used. Usually I wear this pad before sleep and when I detached it from my jaw, I noticed some amount of sweat which i was glad because i know some evil fat were burned.
One more option to speed up the result of getting sharp jaw and reduce the double chin is, we can wear this v line pad while exercising. It could be while you're doing cardio or just doing exercise for chin and neck.

I feel really good while wearing it because I cannot wait to get rid of my chin fat a.k.a double chin as well. After a week of using it, I am completely satisfied with the result. I did notice the difference of my jaw line, it is more firm and less chubby from previously. I am so happy to have this little helper while achieving a nice sharp jaw line, coz you know some lil fat there would be exaggerated in photos.

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  1. omg seriously??!?!?!?!
    it can rlly burned those fattys? ok nak beli huhuhu

    1. insyallah burned kalau guna dengan konsisten hehe
      link ada kat atas..

  2. err where cn i buy them sis anis? huhuhu

  3. Looking good. haha kene try nii. tapi serious selesa? xx

    1. yaa yaa ! it's comfortable to me. tp 15 minutes je pakai, pastu peluh dah. hehe