Biggest opportunity in Zalora magazine !

September 9, 2015

Have you heard about Zalora ? No matter through online or through television, I bet you were . It is a super famous palace for online shopping, even old folks would know and recognize their exciting and squealed advertisements a few years ago. I have been contacted by Zalora for a few collaboration before and I was completely delightful with it . I wouldn't expect such a big company like that would found my small and humble blog like this. Like seriously, .

I am so glad to part of Zalora Community . I have been proposed to write an article to be publish in their magazine which I already sent it and the best part is they like it. It is completely written by me. Squeezing ideas from my little brain and I came with beauty topic.

I am trying to improve my writing day by day and I really hope I am improving. To be honest my grammar basic is so minimum. Zero ! But as usual , I just write what I feel right . Hopefully you will enjoy my simple yet basic article. Headed to Zalora website now to read my article ! or you can read it here -->


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