Cooking Meatballs Black Pepper with Cheese

what could I wish more than a supportive and loveliest people around me. especially you. the reader of this ordinary blog. to be honest, I feel more contented knowing someone is reading my piece of writing about my life , though nothing too special about it. 

Today , not very special day, but was very a nice day to me. I never want to take anything badly , and that's great . We should feel grateful and happy for every second spent in our day. (I am now having examination moment in my mind) Though we know , sometimes, something could be so much boring and gloomy but everything is actually depend on our mindset. Mindset have it all . Set something good in our brain. (;'( though I failed the test, but it's ok coz everyone failed too, hehe)

wow , what a positive thought in a bright sunny day. Love it ! 

Today's highlight is a Meatballs Black Pepper with Cheese , coz I cooked it yesterday and it was super yum ! I couldn't tell you how long I've been aiming to cook this on my own. Years passed by , but still  never ever make one (so metaphor) but Finally , success making a plate of them !

What inspired me to cook this is of course the western restaurant around Ipoh , I know how to make black pepper sauce , and ready made meatballs with cheesdales are available at Tesco, so what do I waiting for ? 

Until one fine day , I go to shopping with my mother , and I grabbed the meatballs and let my mom pay. hehe , she'll do anything that her naggy daughter doesn't have to starve.

I also grabbed a carbonara sauce with fusili. It going to be my next breaking fast menu . whop whooop so excited ! so this is some pictures of my menu yesterday. it was very simple.
here I attached the ingredients that u need to make black pepper sauce for meatballs as well as chicken chop.

What you gonna need :

3 ulas bawang putih
Separuh bawang merah
Sos tiram
Black pepper (biji)
Kiub ayam knor( separuh)
Corn//wheat flour (3 sudu besar)
Cilibo (1-2 sudu)

Now , fry your meatballs
Put cheesedales on top

and finish!
Simple right ??
So good ~ but i wish i can improve the taste to let it become just like at the western restaurant.

second plate (guna lebihan kuah yang ada)


  1. I should try this recipe. Plus, the chesdale is so tempting. Yummy!

    1. Try try try! Sedap jeeee! Tapi anis nak improve lagi taste dia supaya mcm restaurant mahal sikit.

  2. *salivates*
    for a second there I thought you made the meatballs from scratch! Baru nak salute.. hehe..
    i wanna start cooking again! :D plenty of great recipes on the internet!

    1. Hahahah!! I ada google how to make meatballs.. Macam best gak! Maybe after this. Hehe. Yeah! Cook!

  3. Fuhh. Gonna make this soon ;) thanks for sharing