Not taking serious with exam

Fuh! Finally ! The exam is over. I am not really sure to call it as an exam or just a quiz coz the mark is neither counted nor become a carry mark for my final.

But the questions are darn enormous.. 100 structured questions with multiple answers required plus 10 case questions in 60 minutes? Seriously I couldn't even finish reading all of the questions, not to mention answering them :) 

What doctor said when we were answering them was 'don't think to much, just read and answer, you know then you know, you don't know then u don't'

I don't know a lot of things! Like all the common signs I have heard, Troisser's sign, Courvoiseir sign, i just know the name. Maybe i know the meaning at the moment but then I forget. Spelling and pronounciation also hard ;'( Plus, 'murphy sign', i got all confused already with either it is an appendix point or gall bladder point. Em medic. It is easy if you read carefully and keep it in your memory for the rest of your life. 

Heheh, i feel like I am having self lecture right now. I just want to remind myself that u want to be a good and usefull doctor in the future, so be it. Study early, study always and you will keep yourself at peace. Insyallah. I am not saying that you cannot deviate a bit from the track, a small portion of youtubing, watching movies, playing games are all fine, but put a limit. Do not too obsess like u did before. 

P/s i have slow down my youtube obsess currently. Hopefully it will stay low. But do not expect I will not uploading anymore. A bunch of video ideas are in my list. Gonna try to do it though I'm pretty bad at them. Kehkehh.

''A day without a learning is a waste in medical profession'' - doctor 

Basic Clinical Skill course down.(2 months)
Public health course to go.. (2 months) 


  1. all the best sis, medic sound interesting n yet confusing. LOL :3

  2. Suka sangat tengok bakal-bakal doktor ni sebab satu hari nanti dorang akan berkhidmat untuk ramai orang. Hehe. Good luck for your future...

  3. sama la kita bakal doktor juga disini. qawiy!

  4. All the best Anys! Are you the one in the yellow mustard scarf at the back? You look a bit different :)
    Youtube and blog can wait. Give each semester your best shot! <3

    1. yes , it's me dear ! myb coz i buat muka kot. hehehhe . you are righttttttttttt .. terkesima kejap ..