2nd and 3rd Eid Celebration ★

Now, it is a second eid. I thought today will be more relaxed like no to raya much but then right after cleaning the house, my grandmother , paksu and family, and my aunty came.  It was early in the morning, so I didn't manage to take a shower yet,haha. Laksa still good so we were preparing laksa together for eating. While they were eating, I jumped into shower and get ready to raya with them to other sibling's houses. I forgot to take my second baju raya at tailor so I wore my old baju kurung gave by my beloved boyfriend years ago.  Luckily, its fit ;p
We planned to go to 2 houses only but ended up we had raya to 3 houses, Tokcik Khori, Pak Ndak, and my sis mom in law house. But we spent most of the hours at my Pak Ndak house coz they invited us to have lunch at their home. My mom managed to sleep for a while while waiting for the dishes to ready. After raya to all houses , we went back to my beloved grandmother home, and then we visited my grandpa grave together. It has beem a long time since my last time visiting him ;'(

A picture of family
Small family ;')
Korek korek duit raya ;DD

3rd Day Eidulfitri

''Ahaks notice that I wore the same tee ? Mak saya dah basuh tau baju pada malam sebelumnya ;D''

OOTD third eid in the house , dah jam n wayar wayar pun nak ikot selpie.
Today , my mom got a raya reunion with her batch, I joined coz I am such a busy body. and it was at Park Avenue Hotel at Sungai Petani. At first we want to use waze but then immediately after we passed the tol , the sign board of Park Avenue was so huge and easily seen. It was only beside the Sungai Petani tol.
adik manja .
the set up.
ada ucapan sikit.
part of the guests
he kept singing ~ -> i like to move it move it -madagascar
The food were just nice. I loveD all the food . I wish I could ate them again ;) (p/s terlupa pulak nak ambil gambar makanan.. always ;') )
yo my lil bro took a picture , yo never fail to make it shaking
We went back from the hotel at 4 o'clock , and then beraya at Mak Ngah Aisyah house, then at neighbourhood houses , tick tock tick tock , it was already dark and I went asleep pretty easy;D 


  1. Kuruihh, cantik cheq pakai kebaya naaa. HAHA Comey Comey.

  2. Am following you on YouTube. Saw your Eid swap unboxing with Aynal yesterday. Was so fun and hilarious! I know you are an avid follower of Aisyah's blog right? So nice to see all you lovely bloggers!

    1. thnk you for following dear . haha ! glad it made you laugh. yep, I alwayss read her blog as well ;')