1st Day Raya Celebration ★

 Assalamualaikum.. Banyak benda nak cerita sebenarnya.. hari hari teringat blogging everyday in July challenge tu tau. sah sah failed ! tapi takpe , nak teruskan jugak selagi ada daya. ceritanya gini , hari tu masa balik ke Kedah , internet dekat sini kena potong, lepas tu tunggu la dia sambung. ada la beberapa hari , then cable pulok kena curi , ala sedihnya nasib . n then bila inte rita satu satu panjang sangat . pendek kata persiapan sebelum raya dan kerja edit video. dan video tu adalah video SWAP ! eksaited sangat tau ! tengah upload sekarang ni .. lama la jugak nak kena tunggu , aku takut laptop ni meletup kepanasan je sebab kena buka dua hari non stop demi upload video 16gb. phew . i kenot comprehend macam mana orang lain upload vid 1 jam lebih bagai, maybe internet connection la kot kan. i don't know. Anyway, this entry is not for complaint. It is for my one day of happiness ! This year (2015) is one of my fav raya celebration, ever! Kenapa ? 

Siapa yang tak suka kalau pagi pagi lagi rumah dah riuh dengan ahli keluarga, jiran-jiran , kemudian adik beradik , seterusnya kawan-kawan dan berakhir dengan yang teristimewa! Walaupun penat(tak penat sangat) melayan semua yang datang tapi penat ni adalah penat bahagia. 

Let's start from the beginning of the day. Me, ma mom and my brother went to surau to pray for eid. It was my first time and we were quite late though. I was a bit confused with the sollah but then I understood. kiiki. I managed to fell asleep for a while at surau while listening to the imam khutbah after eid prayer. And then, we went home together, within minutes, my elder sister and her husband break the silence of my house by being a person couple beraya at my house. My mom cooked laksa for that day, so when my sis was coming, we didn't pull out the veges yet and the biggest mistake was i pour the soup into a bowl to them without even taste it and it was tasteless! completely tasteless. I feel bad for my brother in law , not for my sister . hehehhe . (of coz both)

After then , I salam raya with both of my parent. I also received duit raya from my mom! happy! got duit raya so can go for shopping spree~ girl oh girl. Then I heard salam from a group of people, it was from my neighbourhood , ranging from the 5 year old boy to 50 year old lady in the house. I layan la semuorang, bukan sembang2 pun tapi jamu kuih, lepas tu menyelinap masuk bilik untuk make up make up. Right after I had done with my make up , my cousin arrived (Pak Tam and his family) and then my friends ! whoop whoop , I was so suprised that they arrived quite early. and it was only two of them this year, Jeni and Umie but that's okay, I was happy enough. As usual, we laugh a lot ! I want to follow them to raya at many other our friends but I couldn't coz just before they wanted to went back, Chu and her family made their attendance. I have to wait until they went home first then I went for raya. 

It was already Zohor  , so I prayed and done my make up again.  I promised to visit Jeni and Umie house back , so here it was.  At Jeni's home, they made Lontong , it was really tasty , I love the chicken sambal coz it was spicy. Kedah girl like spicy food y'all. and the most tasteful dessert was, of course her cheese orea cake! I said to her that now she can open a bakery shop already.

at Jeni's house . 
at Umie's house , i forgot to take a picture. ;'( I ate mihun soto, and it was great as well ! Really bloated up my tummy today 

Highlight of the day , my special guy came to my house with his cousin. There were only two of them as well and I was having fun treating them , he also interact really well and keep talking. So no awkward moments at all. hehe. eh hello , though it was a really long term relationship but I always and always feel something at the pit of my stomach. this was my fifth raya with him. can't believe it at all! ;).  insyallah bersambung raya kedua
Thanks for reading pretty <3


  1. same la kat kg kite selalu kene curi kabel hewhew~ neway Selamat Hari Raya!

    1. kannnn .. nasib baik tersambung jugak akhirnyaa