Four Tips on Getting the Ultimate Summer glow! ♡

It always summer here in Malaysia so we are lucky enough to try an error the skincare regime suits our skin the best. We can switch to any product according to our liking and start optimising it to make sure every single steps we have taken bring us to the fact no break out & dull skin anymore.
This post going to be talking about the tips to get a healthy and glowing skin in Summer regardless where you live. I don't have a perfect skin all the time , but I do in some time in my life especially when not that 'period' of the month.

♡ Plain water
I do believe to start with the inner beauty first before you go from the outside .Though it is colourless and flavourless but believe me , it done a miracle to our body. Detoxification,great digestion,well body function, healthy skin what else do I need to mention? In addition to glowing, smooth complexion, consuming more water can actually reduce acne because it stops the bacteria from forming internally. And are you looking for fountain of youth? It may come from 2 litres of plain water daily. Drink drink drink , the blemishes shall gone and glowy,dewy skin will be yours.

♡Healthy food
Have you ever heard , you are what you eat. Not only you missed the vitamins and minerals by eating unhealthy salty food , but it also can make your skin become dehydrated and loss the radiance. Reduce fast food as much as you can and never ever forget to add fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Frankly speaking, I don't like veges,  but I love fruits so I'll eat them like crazy. It is a bonus that I can play around with the fruit, either taking the fresh banana and blend it with ice cream and milk or just treats myself with yummicious smoothie. Try the easiest Berry Tropical Smoothie recipe over here : from ALOHA. They have so many healthy recipes..

Do you think facial cleanser plays a critical role in having a beautiful and smooth skin ? If you say no, then you probably never notice the magic portion  of having angel's skin right in front your nose. Spend a little bit of money on good cleanser , keep trying a new one every 3 months until you find the best for your beloved skin. I do use a lot and variety of cleansers before this , some of them are good, some cause me break out, some dry out my skin, and some done nothing. When I found out the cleanser is good , then I'll stick to it for quite a time and see the progress of my skin. Unbelievably, I do love the result and admirer my own skin when I look it in the mirror from day to day. It may be not the best skin in the world but at least I am happy with it.  Dull skin can be resulted from the prolonged exposure of UV light, so having a good cleanser can prevent the dullness while you're washing your face twice daily.

♡Night Cream

People sometimes ignore the important steps of their daily skin regime. I know because previously I was just like that. Believe me or not , while you're sleeping , your skin is having a repairing and healing process due to damage by harsh sunlight during the day. Why not to help our body by giving extra subtances in the night cream so the healing process can be boosted. Try to use night cream consistently every night, you'll notice the differences it give. No burning skin , no painful dry skin, ultimately gives you the most supple skin you ever get.

Last but not least, always and always monitor your skin. Stop using products that you think it give you breakout or dark spots. If the breakout still continue then it must be some irritation from the other products.
And never miss the steps mentioned above because they are pretty basic and essential . You need to start with the basic care first ,if it doesn't work out, then you can try make up! A magic transformation tools but what would you ask more if your bare skin already glowing and flawless.

Take care of skin wisely because you gonna wear them lifetime.


  1. part night cream.. tu yg selalu diabaikan.. hmm.. thanks for tips btw. :D

    1. betul tu ,. anis pon sama before this but now makin rajin huhu

    2. hehehe malaysia everyday summer =D