Exam is over | Akhir Tahun Dua Pelajar Perubatan di RCMP

Hello guys! These few weeks was very tough for me. I have to stay up until late night. I have to only eat, sleep and dream with books. Lots of thick medical books. To be honest, it was a book, it was lecture but very thick! 
Though I was getting ready for the exam, but a selfie is a must :)
Chill' in with watermelon juice! Get my skin healthy! 
But exam stress spoiled it all, there are small multiple acnes at my forehead right now。hope it get lost as quick as possible.  

Done with the exam, tomorrow is the result. I don't expect I gonna be in good ranking again bcoz I had literally did the worse this time! 

Good news is I got holidays after the massive exam!! 1 month and a half,plan to go Indonesia this time, insyallah so do expect more posts will be in my blog. Beauty wise, travelog wise, do come back more often!!! I will get back to you very very soon! 


  1. do you know about LES? HIV? do u know dr najeeb?
    i need your help :)

  2. hi...i find ur blog is nice...and attractive...^^
    mai follow me...^^

  3. Hip.. hip horeeyyy. happy holiday n travel.. :D