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February 24, 2015

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Someone has proposed me to join this giveaway.(hehe) So i thought I want to give it a try though it is kind of late. Better late than never.

Anyways, the deadlines is on 28th February 2015, so you can still join it to win Rm100 voucher at Lazada. OMG, it's a hundred guys!!! And Lazada is looking for five winners.. Don't miss the chance!

If you want me to talk about my dreamlists or wishlists, i have it a lot!! But now, i have to shorten it to five only. So let's get started..

Whoop whoop! If you have been following every single blogposts of mine, you probably have known that I've been crazy over this. It just I want a better laptop. Because I have been using DEL,ASUS as well as ACER(currently) so I cannot hold it anymore.. I can never blogwalking anymore because everytime i open up the browser, it going to be unresponsive.. I lose my patience and become so stress. I cannot do things that I love like blog designs and stuffs like that because it is too lag!
But that's okay, i'm going to do anything i could to bear with it. 
But why Macbook?
It is because Macbook is fast,handy and convenient. I saw many of youtubers are using Macbook to edit their videos.i can never edit my videos using a laptop because of the reasons I have just stated. I just want a fast laptop. That's it. And i am grateful  Lazada offers Macbook on their website. I may purchase from them anytime for a lower price .. Thumbs up for that!

2. DSLR Canon T5i

Look at that camera! we can see our face while making a video. I want to own this DSLR after i own the Macbook or else I didn't know how I'm going to edit and upload any pictures in my blog or youtube(bcoz my lappy is lag).
I want a DSLR because I love the bokeh effect and the sharpness. Though i have iphone now but DSLR wins! Espcially when we combine it with SIGMA lens. 
They are like our eyes,only focus one thing at a moment, and the others become blurr. The quality going to be like in the movie..*clap clap*


Gosh! I never thought I would want this ! But now it already be in my wishlist. It because i find it easier to bring anywhere and to record all the activities and adventures. Let it be hiking or diving, every moments are captured! ❤️
Plus, if I want to do a vlog after this,it going to be easier. Do not have to worry about bring it to anywhere, and the battery is going to last!

Enough with gadget pleaseeee.
Move on to my next favourite part, Make up! Yayyy ! 

I watch reviews from other youtubers, and i really want to try it.. It is from Laneige, which is a popular Korean brand. This is my first time seeing this type of BB cream, kind of easy to apply because they provide the pad. We just need to push the pad and the bb cream will come out through the pores of the cushion. Interesting isn't?  But it is a bit expensive to me :'(

Make up tools is very important for a perfect make up and flawless face. They are needed to blend the foundation, eyeshadow, as well as highlighter.. I just want to give a try to this brushes,because it is so cute and i love the the pouch. The material of the pouch reminds me Zoella Pouch.wihiii.

That's all for My top five Must Buy Items at Lazada..most of them are expensive, that's why it become a wishlist to me,but we can get a much cheaper price at Lazada :) 

What about yours? What is your top five must buy items at Lazada? Can't wait to read it. Do leave a link in the comment so I can check it out ❤️❤️


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