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Gym di Fairpark, Ipoh

February 24, 2015

 Anis pergi gym hari tu (OMOOO OMO!!). hehe saja je pergi sebab kawan ajak plus macam nak try jugak experience sekali pergi gym.. Tapi , aip.. Jangan salah paham. Anis pergi buat cardio je.. Tak de la sampai nak bina muscle sixpack , biceps bagai.. Gym ni dekat Fairpark,Ipoh.. Berhampiran dengan petronas.. Harga Rm10 per entry.. Masa : tidak terhad. So enjoy la puas puas noh. Hari tu anis pergi sakit habis abdominal muscle ni.. Sbb anis buat sit up.. Tp best buat sit up guna equipment yang disediakan tu.. Lebih convenient omputih kata ❤️ Enjoy the pictures

LAZADA Dreamlists ❤️

You can check out the products at Lazada This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons Blogger contest. Being hosted by ShopCoupons. Lazada voucher sponsored by Lazada Malaysia.
click the banner to join
Someone has proposed me to join this giveaway.(hehe) So i thought I want to give it a try though it is kind of late. Better late than never.

Anyways, the deadlines is on 28th February 2015, so you can still join it to win Rm100 voucher at Lazada. OMG, it's a hundred guys!!! And Lazada is looking for five winners.. Don't miss the chance!

If you want me to talk about my dreamlists or wishlists, i have it a lot!! But now, i have to shorten it to five only. So let's get started..

Whoop whoop! If you have been following every single blogposts of mine, you probably have known that I've been crazy over this. It just I want a better laptop. Because I have been using DEL,ASUS as well as ACER(currently) so I cannot hold it anymore.. I can never blogwalking anymore because everytime i open up the browser, it going to be unresponsive.. I lose my patience and become so stress. I cannot do things that I love like blog designs and stuffs like that because it is too lag!
But that's okay, i'm going to do anything i could to bear with it. 
But why Macbook?
It is because Macbook is fast,handy and convenient. I saw many of youtubers are using Macbook to edit their videos.i can never edit my videos using a laptop because of the reasons I have just stated. I just want a fast laptop. That's it. And i am grateful  Lazada offers Macbook on their website. I may purchase from them anytime for a lower price .. Thumbs up for that! 


2. DSLR Canon T5i

Look at that camera! we can see our face while making a video. I want to own this DSLR after i own the Macbook or else I didn't know how I'm going to edit and upload any pictures in my blog or youtube(bcoz my lappy is lag).
I want a DSLR because I love the bokeh effect and the sharpness. Though i have iphone now but DSLR wins! Espcially when we combine it with SIGMA lens. 
They are like our eyes,only focus one thing at a moment, and the others become blurr. The quality going to be like in the movie..*clap clap*



Gosh! I never thought I would want this ! But now it already be in my wishlist. It because i find it easier to bring anywhere and to record all the activities and adventures. Let it be hiking or diving, every moments are captured! ❤️
Plus, if I want to do a vlog after this,it going to be easier. Do not have to worry about bring it to anywhere, and the battery is going to last!


Enough with gadget pleaseeee.
Move on to my next favourite part, Make up! Yayyy ! 

I watch reviews from other youtubers, and i really want to try it.. It is from Laneige, which is a popular Korean brand. This is my first time seeing this type of BB cream, kind of easy to apply because they provide the pad. We just need to push the pad and the bb cream will come out through the pores of the cushion. Interesting isn't?  But it is a bit expensive to me :'(


Make up tools is very important for a perfect make up and flawless face. They are needed to blend the foundation, eyeshadow, as well as highlighter.. I just want to give a try to this brushes,because it is so cute and i love the the pouch. The material of the pouch reminds me Zoella Pouch.wihiii.


That's all for My top five Must Buy Items at Lazada..most of them are expensive, that's why it become a wishlist to me,but we can get a much cheaper price at Lazada :) 

What about yours? What is your top five must buy items at Lazada? Can't wait to read it. Do leave a link in the comment so I can check it out ❤️❤️


February 23, 2015


1) Sebelum belajar, niat bahawa aku belajar ini kerana Allah S.W.T.
Setiap kali mahu keluar bilik untuk pergi kuliah, sentiasa ingatkan diri, aku menuntut ilmu ni kerana Allah S.W.T. Banyak kelebihan bagi orang yang menuntut ilmu.
Jangan rasa tertekan jika kelas bermula seawal jam lapan pagi dan habisnya pula dalam pukul lima petang. Tetapi fikir bahawa sepanjang proses menuntut ilmu ini, Malaikat akan sentiasa mendoakan kita. Jadi, kita tidak akan rasa terlalu tertekan jika kelas itu tersangatlah lama.

2) Disiplinkan diri.
Setiap kali mahu study, mesti baca satu muka surat al-Quran sebelum bermula waktu study itu. Jadi, pasti kita tidak tinggalkan al-Quran walau sesibuk mana pun kita.

3) Kembalikan cas-cas positif dalam diri supaya tiada ruang untuk syaitan menghalang kita menuntut ilmu.
Apaila kita rasa tertekan kerana berkali-kali sudah membaca topik tersebut, tetapi tetap tidak faham, dan akhirnya, kita rasa putus asa dan terus tutup buku. Dan yang lebih bahaya, mind setting akan mengatakan topik ini sangat susah dan tidak menarik. Akhirnya, kita tinggalkan terus topik itu hingga akhirnya kelam kabut waktu menjelang peperiksaan.
Jadi, apa kata kita cuba tips daripada ‘salafus soleh’ terdahulu. Apabila ada sesuatu yang menghalang fokus, mereka pergi perbaharui wudhuk dan solat sunat dua rakaat.Jika kita seperti ini, sekurang-kurangnya dapat perbaharui wudhuk sudah memadai.

4) Utamakan seruan Allah S.W.T.
Part paling penting! Apabila sedang khusyuk study, tiba-tiba azan berkumandang. Berhentilah sebentar untuk menyahut seruan Allah S.W.T. Tidak lama pun solat ini. Jadikan ia sebagai terapi diri selepas penat belajar. Imam Ghazali ada mengatakan bahawa:
"Orang yang menyahut seruan azan dengan serta merta meninggalkan segala urusan untuk menunaikan solat berjema’ah, di akhirat kelak, dia akan dijemput oleh Allah S.W.T dengan penuh lemah-lembut dan menjadi tetamu-Nya."
Jadi, setiap kali rasa berat punggung mahu berhenti study untuk solat, ingat kembali, jika aku mahu dijemput oleh Allah S.W.T di Akhirat kelak, aku perlu utamakan solat dahulu daripada kerja lain. Mana kita tahu bukan, kita lagi rasa mudah apabila belajar selepas selesai solat itu. Inilah namanya berkat. Apabila kita utamakan Allah S.W.T daripada benda lain.

5) Jangan lupa membaca doa dan ambillah wudhuk sebelum mula belajar.
Doa mohon Allah S.W.T memberi kekuatan dalam menuntut ilmu. Apabila kita ada wudhuk ini, kita akan sentiasa ingat bahawa belajar ini adalah satu ibadah yang sangat dituntut dalam Islam dan memudahkan lagi untuk kita terus solat jika sedang belajar, tiba-tiba azan. Kita tidak tahu dengan wudhuk itu, kita belajar lebih berkat.

Kesimpulannya, selamat beramal. Cubalah praktis tips belajar ini, matlamat kita bukanlah cemerlang dalam belajar semata, tetapi kita juga mahu keberkatan daripada Allah S.W.T. Ihfazillah yahfazka, ihfazillah tajidhu tijaahak (Jagalah Allah, nescaya Allah menjagamu).
Jadilah seperti Rasulullah S.A.W dan para sahabat yang hidupnya seimbang dunia akhirat, walaupun sibuk di medan perang dan sibuk mentadbir negara. Mereka lagi sibuk daripada kita, tetapi masih ada waktu untuk bangun tahajjud dan membaca al-Quran.
Buat pemburu dunia, jangan pula kita memberi alasan, mereka tidak sama macam kita, Iman mereka mantap kerana Rasulullah S.A.W ada di sisi. Kita tidak sehebat mereka. Andai itulah pemikiran kita, percayalah, selamanya kita akan menunduk ke bawah tanpa mendongak langit yang cerah di atas.

#Copypaste from Whatsapp group


Cool Blog !

Cool blog finally in Ipoh..!! So if you're Ipoh citizen, you can get cool blog icebelnded, or smoothie or yogurt or anything to your liking at Angsana Mall (UO). Much cheaper than Cha time 😱

Was my blog cool? Hahaha (poyo)

Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain review

February 22, 2015

Woop woop! Looks like I enjoy talking about make up recently! There are a lot of products in my wishlist buckets in this month,it has been switching from skincare wishlists to make up wishlists:) obviously I need to filter them to minimum first before anything.

As you all know, or may not know, I am a lips products junkie.So I have a lot of lippy in my collection except from Revlon(and obviously other product too).

Move on to the review..
This balm stain is pretty expensive since it is a lip balm! But the quality of it beats the price even more! I've been playing with the balm stain for a few times since I get it, i don't know why, but the result is quite different from the first time I tried it at watson . Testers always give a good shot,huh? I know many of us experience this right , because I read Zoella's blog and she said the same thing !

Well, to be fair, I also doubled with other lipstick during the test,so it might due to a few matte layers of lipstick on my lips so though I have eat, drink,talk but the stain stays all day long.

I have spent every penny of money that I have for this balm stain, i don't know why, i don't plan to get it at all, but once I am in front of racks of bulk of make up products, I turn BLIND! 

INFO: '' A lightweight lipstain + moisturizing balm for a perfect flush of color. Available in 10 craveable, collectible balm stain shades,  namely Adore ,Charm , Cherish, Crush, Honey,Rendezvous, Love Sick , Romantic, Smitten, Sweetheart
Don't get confused , there are a few in ColorBurst Collection, - ColorBurst™ Lacquer Balm, ColorBurst™ Matte Balm, ColorBurst™ Lip Butter '' you may check them >here< if you're interested to know more. 

What I like :
❤️long lasting - not too long, but longer than the other lip balm that I have, estimated 3-4 hours. Gets off after you eat..
❤️ the peppermint smell - i feel therapeutic and my lips does not become dry.
❤️ i sometimes like the colour,but sometimes are not. Maybe most of the time, yes

What I dislike :

The colour in front of camera (it looks glossy as it is a lip balm) since I prefer matte. But no big deal. It turns matte over time. I thought i was bought a lipstick at first, it turn out to be a balm. How careless '^_^

Repurchase? Yes. I want to try other colors.
Price : Rm32.90
Where to get : all participating pharmacies. I got mine at Watson. 

Look what I bought today ❤️

February 21, 2015

Look what I bought!! I am so excited to try them out..Going to review them after this.. ❤️

Maybelline White Superfresh UV Cake Powder Review

February 19, 2015


Hye & Assalamualaikum everyone.. I came out with a review after almost a year I'm using this compact powder,still using it. I am not a real BB lover, I would wear it sometimes,but when it comes to compact powder, it is a must. I started wearing a compact powder for quite some time, I have tried and use loads of them and Maybelline compact powder has become my choice for a few succesive purchases. 

I love this powder because it gives me an instant whitening effect, and the silky smooth touch. It does not make my oily face became more oily instead it did reduced the oil.

Apart from that, my face would become so much fresh and matte after I apply it onto my face. I love to see my skin in the morning because of this, clear, white and fresh.

Unfortunately,through out the day it gets off, so I need to reapply, but that's okay. I just need to touch up in the afternoon in conjunction with Zohor prayer.. 
I love the texture , it is smooth and does not give a cakey effect.

I am quite interested with this powder because its SPF., It has 34 SPF which is quite high.  I got this compact powder in Natural,which I think the color is quite fair that is not suitable for dark color skin.but don't worry because it also have in Sand Beige,Nude which are a bit darker..

The packaging wins my heart.  It looks classy and expensive than the other below rm30 compact powder that I had. The Maybelline alphabets was deeply crade on the cover. It's white but did not get dirty easily.. It has small  holes at the bottom of the sponge area. I did not like it at first because I thought bacteria might penetrate through that small holes and make my sponge become dirty. but Maybelline Compact Powder packaging has never dissapoint me. 

I am quite interested with this powder because its SPF., It has 34 SPF which is quite high. 
I got this compact powder in Natural,which I think the color is quite fair that is not suitable for dark color skin.but don't worry because it also have in Sand Beige,Nude which are a bit darker..
I had used Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One before I use this one, but that one was quite expensive to my budget. When I saw this Maybelline Super Fresh at Watson, I did not even think, it was quite a bargain ,half price from usual compact that I use, fear not it only costs Rm23.90.
half with , half without.
pardon my acne scars . it get worse day by day! I miss my so called flawless face ;(
As you can tell, the left side of my face looks a little bit pinkish due to the powder. and it other side is my natural skin.

Name : Maybelline White Superfresh UV Cake Powder Review

Price : RM23.90  
Where to buy : All participating pharmacies

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner review

February 16, 2015

Hi everyone. Today I'll be reviewing an Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner from Thayer. Have you ever heard this toner? This toner has become a holy grail product for many bloggers as well as youtubers. At first, I was so suprised this product has become a favourite for many of us,but now I already know why..  Jeng jeng jeng.

Come in a secure package as usual. Covered by bubbles wrapper though it only a toner.  I love the way they appreciate the customer by handling all customer's item with careThey put the toner inside a box, with a card! To me, it is a  very special card.

They wrote,
Dear Anis,
To end something old, will start something new, wishing you with mighty heart, though the words are very few.

It was like a poem! Thumbs up for that!

Thank you to Natta Cosme for sending me this . NattaCosme is not only selling skincare products but also make up! I had reviewed a glacial mask from them too before this. Go check them out if you never read it yet. (Glacial Mask Review)

I am not serious with the skincare routine before this but after I realize my skin is getting worse or in other word, my skin doesn't look good in front of camera, so I think i need to start having an add up daily skincare regime. 

They offer me this toner at a right time. I already try this toner for a week and currently in love with this toner! 

The smell is awesome. If you love roses or floral smell , this is the perfect toner for you. I am not only love the fragrance but I also love that this toner doesn't cause me break out. I am so grateful because I have a sensitive skin and prone to acne. However,small bumps still appear on my skin but I didn't really sure it is either due to my other skincare products, or my diet or from this toner itself? But it didn't bother me so much because it disappear itself within few days.

Apart from that, this toner is alcohol free. So it does not dry out my skin which is one of the feature that I really care of, because apparently my skin is irritated at the maxillary bone area, my skin is peeling off due to exfoliating soap that I use. Maybe i use too much of the soap so it dried out my skin.. 

The toner claims to give freshness , extra soft and youthful-looking skin.  And there was a story of a lady who always stay 10 years younger and she came with her secret formula Rose- Petal water which helps to tighten the pores, to smooth and beautify skin without drying . Of course I also want to stay young just like that.

I use watson square puffs to apply the toner. 

Tighten up the pores,maybe? 
Pardon my fresh acne scars. I just realize there are other toners from Thayer that have different function as well as smell. You may select from your own liking,

Overall this toner works wonders.  It smooth out my skin , and feel as soft as a baby skin :)
Unfortunately, mine do not claims to fade acne scars,(*sad*).. 
But if you want a whitening effect , you may pick the lemon one :) 
The only thing that I am not really like is the size , too big for travel ! but it's fine , no biggie at all <3

That's all for the review.. 
P/s This is my honest opinions. You may check other youtubers' video for their recommendations. LINK

Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner 355ml
Price : Rm45.00 (normal:Rm58.00)  Buy it here : http://www.nattacosme.com/Thayers

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