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2015 Resolution ?

January 2, 2015

 Hye beb! 
Wow ! It's new 2015 year already! So did you celebrated it? Watching firework and all? When i was younger i love to beg to my daddy to bring me to a crowded place to watch firework. But now, when i get older,I don't even have a feeling to look at the fireworks. How not awesome is that?

But wait?
I'm getting older? I'm not ready yetttt but this thing is unstoppable and always going on! Everyone experience this,am I right?

I don't have any resolution yet for this year. But why not to list everything what is my mind right now on what i want to do.

1. Start a youtube channel
You can search anys nadhilah bcoz i already uploaded a video of glowrun UTP that I have participated. The problem
 is, I don't know what is my main target and reason of starting a youtube channel. 
I was just enjoyed watching DIY,Beauty and random stuff like that on youtube. Bcoz some videos were super cuteee especially   from my fav youtuber which is Zoella.

2. Pass exam
Which is the professional exam in this April. Hopefully I can pass the exam with flying colours . But now I'm still out of the track where I never focus on my study. All the things that I think of is youtube,blogger,coc. God please bless me.

3. Deco my bed room
If you never know,!my daddy has renovated our house and he added one more bedroom,the color of the room was  so beautiful and much bigger than my current room so I'm begging to my father to give the room to me but he refused. He said that the room is hot and there are more windows(near fence) so he worried pencuri can enter through my room. Thus ,any harsh would be on me first. :( plus I'm a girl so you know what I mean.

That's all that i can think at this moment.
I maybe would do a vlog to KL to visit my cousin and vlog to langkawi. 
""maybeee"" bcoz i have to find out the reasons why i should start up a youtube channel first.
What do you think? Should i make a video and start a youtube channel

Thank you for reading fellas and ladies ❤️


  1. Hope your resolutions will come true :)

  2. Youtube channels are pretty hard to maintain @_@ And preparing a good video also takes a lot of time (talk about medstudents having a lot of free time, what is free time ? haha)

    ANd good luck on your Professional Exams :D

    1. Yes yes. I'm aware of it but ...... I don't know!! I'll figure it out later hehe.
      No free time actually hii

      Thank you...

  3. good luck my dear


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