Bag of love : Teddy Bear Edition

December 25, 2014

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody! 
I am so happy that bag of love has given me this golden opportunity to review one of Bag of Love collection which is the Teddy Bear Bag.  This bag was running out of stock very fast and I feel so lucky to have it one on my hand.  People are craving for it!

Anyway,have you ever heard of Bag of Love? If not, i guess you should check out their website as they have a very adorable website with cute and friendly character. I am so fall in love with the design and all that. They also displayed their monthly bag of love as well as the limited editions .

If you wonder what is it BAG OF LOVE, they are a sophisticated company owned by Mi Mi,that provides a ton of cosmetics products in one bag to try by ourself. And you do not have to worry to receive poor quality range of cosmetic products as they give every details of what products inside the bag. Plus you get the limited edition bag which you can find no where but at Bag Of Love ! Kill two birds with one stone,huh?

The shipment was very fast and they are using Airpak Worldwide to ship either in Malaysia itself or other countries.

The concept of Bag of Love is that you can get a beautiful bag of 5 deluxe sample-size beauty products – ranging from hair care to skincare, body care, make up, nails and fragrances – delivered to your doorstep monthly so you get to sample the products before buying it.

This is the adorable teddy bag and it looks so so cuteeeee! The material is from canvas but I can see that it is a thin canvas so I must be carefull with what products I'm going to put in their as sharp edge of products may torn the canvas. But the small head of the teddy is irresistible! And the red striped buldging heart at the center make it looks more unsual and dainty ! 

As you can see this teddy bear is so cute and pleasant! I can recycle it as my travel make up pouch, gadget organiser like pilling it up with powerbank and earphones or anything else! 

Enough with that,now let's get started to unzipping the 'love' that they put inside the bag! 

Most of the products inside the bag are hair products. And this time Bag of Love collabrate with Schwarzkopf.. yes yes yes, many of us may find it is difficult to pronounce as well as spelling it . But Schwarzkopf is the name of the founder itself, a chemist named Hans Schwarzkopf.  Schwarzkopf simply means ''black head'' in German.

Schwarzkopf is the number one Beauty Care brand of the Henkel company. Henkel Beauty Care is one of the leading manufacturers in the categories of Hair Care, Styling, Colorations, Body Care, Facial and Oral Care with customers in more than 125 countries worldwide. You can find out more information at their website here.

So this is the overall overview of the services and products that I've received from Bag of Love. Tell me if you want me to review any of this product first. I would do that for you . I am so excited to try the nano White Innity CC Cream . Wait for it guys !

Website :
Price : RM39.90

Much kisses,


  1. Schwarzkopf?? Susahnyeee nak explain kat orang nanti. heeee

    1. Farah nak explain kat sape ni farah hehe

  2. awww.. comelnya!!! rajin betul anys ni. zizie tempek bedak pun malas. ihihihi.

    1. Comel kan teddy bag of love ni.. Anis suka bab tu rajin hehe


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