Skin & Lab Glacial Clay Facial Mask Review

Hello everyone ! Are you a mask lover  ?  If you say yes, continue reading, okay?

So,have you ever heard of NattaCosme? A leading company since 2011 that sells variety of make up products, skin care ,body care as well as supplement. They provide buckets of popular and high end beauty products from Japan, Korea, America and others..

Why Natta? They called natta as a planet, and there was a rule in that planet where the people must never look the same.They believe everyone has a distinctive and unique style and character.
I am so glad that they choose to give me the glacial clay mask for review this time. Thank you so much.

This is the packaging that NattaCosme use to send the products to their customer.Maybe it depends on the quantity of purchased products.
A black box(not from any aeroplane) with a simple golden scattered dots on it. I am really excited to received this huge box from NattaCosme! And of course I'm expecting exciting gifts will be inside there because they told me that they also include Christmas gifts along with the glacial clay mask in box! So kind and lovely!

Unboxing time : I was like opening a treasured box, so many items inside the box.There are a business card,a box of mask,a sample size serum and two envelopes . The feeling was so great when you are only expecting one product but you got more than that.

Covered by crambled pieces of paper that make it looks more unique and secure. This is my second time receiving a package like this.Before this I receive a lens. And this scrambled paper is to fill the space and make the items stay in a fixed position, so that you'll get you package in a good condition with no worries.

A sample size red serum that I told you. It is to cleanse the pores while giving a better contraction and calming effect.
Beware! You can detect the minor sharp pain like feeling when the mask activates its cleansing effect. But it will decrease gradually after :) Want to try this too? Spend more than RM20 on Skin&Lab at and you'll receive this RED serum for free :D

Taraaa! Finally we come to this mask review section. This is the intriguing  Glacial Clay Facial Mask from Skin & Lab.It is proven to solve the causes of pores and excess sebum secretion, It purifies the skin in and out, as well as minimizes the enlarged pores and firms the sagging pore walls. The main ingredients are the Canadian Glacial clay, removing accumulated impurities deep in pores, and oatmeal, eliminating surface debris and moisturizing. The formula absorbs excess sebum and prevents the appearance of black heads while leaving cooling effect after. 

I am impressed with they packaging of this mask because it looks very fresh and nice.  The packaging is made up from a white rounded glass bottle with a green descriptions texts on it.  It is a CLAY mask, so what color did you expect? guess first, come on guys ;)

It's green! From the first time I see it, I say mud! That is the first word that come out from my mouth. But this is clay, not mud. Obviously there is a difference between mud and clay right. The texture somewhat looks like mud to is thick filled with a minute 'thingy'. The color looks like a dark woody green inside the bottle but when I applied to my face,it is actually a bit fairer.

When i start applying on my face, I don't think anything else,I just want to spread all the clay mask all over my face because it makes me feel so relaxing and so calming! When I'm writing this post , I just think of want to wear it again (seriously).

For your information , Skin & Lab is a Korean brand ,a specialized derma-cosmetics brand, developed for Healthier and Clearer Skin based on their Authorized Dermatologist. Many beauty bloggers have talk about it , so you maybe just need to type on Google to read the reviews.

and you know what, I fancy Korean brand because I want to have a smooth and glowy skin like Korean artist :D 

A woman in mask

Don't laugh okay, mimimih

I wait for 10-15 minutes as suggested and I can feel the stiff effect on my face but it is not that strong. After that, i wash my face with pipe water thoroughly. Let's see the differences if there is any.



LEFT(before)    |     RIGHT (after)
It is for pores tightening so focus on pores. Pardon my fresh acne scars. Apart from the pores tightening,it also remove the blemishes and excess oil on my face.

get rid of excess oil
removes blemishes
gives a cool effect
feels so relaxing
tightening the pores
hygienic as the spatula is provided

need many face washes to really cleanse the mask

SKIN & LAB Dr.Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask
Main Ingredient 
Canadian Glacial Clay
- Sebum control, Skin Waste removal, Acne resolving, Calming
- Dead cell removal, Skin softening, Deep Hydration
Tea Tree Leaf
-Acne prevention, Acne resolving, Calming

Recommended for
- Acne-prone skin with lower hydration level
- Sagged/wide-open pores
- Deeply-rooted, dark blackheads
- Uncontrollable, excessive sebum
- cakey look after make up due to dead cells/skin waste
[ Size ]

Where to purchase?
Nattacosme Skin&Lab Glacial Clay Mask

postage is free for more than RM70 


  1. I've been hearing lots of good things regarding this clay mask. Though looking at the price, I wonder how big is the difference between this one to Etude House Wonder Pore White Clay Clear and Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing, dear!
    Mira |

    1. You're most welcome Mira. I am not sure about the differences because I have never try it yet. But once I tried, I'll surely blog about. ;)

  2. wow, lookin' good. i love mask. wearing it during weekend it feels so relaxing. macam dalam spa kekadang. hahahah XD

    1. Yes that's true! I feel the same way as yours. Spa at home, nothing can compete. Hee

  3. memang seram kaalu tidur dengan bini dia pakai mask...hahahaa

    1. Haha, jangan la begitu, bini try nak look nice for husband tuu

  4. ala.. dia punya packaging tu, so sweet :) nak tempek jugak muka ni. tapi, takde masa nya haa..

    1. Yes zizie, so sweet tau! Macam dapat hadiah dari boyfriend. Hehe. Ala it only takes 10 minutes to wear this mask, sambil masak pun boleh pakai huhu

  5. Haha..sebab pakai mask camni laa polis ingat ana bibik. Benci tau. XD

    1. Haha seriously ana? Omg , anis tumpang bencik kat polis tu hehe

  6. Macam best je mask ini ye anis ;D

  7. I love egg yolk mask. Feel free to apply on my face anytime. It costs cheaper as well. Muddy mask? Kena tunggu jd datin dulu kot.. Lol.