Can you see my blogbuster videos ?

December 19, 2014

Hello guys !
I am super excited to make this post, . Actually I have something else to do , like review products that have a deadline , or , do my assignment , or even study , make mindmaps and all stuff because exam is around the corner , but obviously now , I'm spending my time blogging about blogbuster to share my enormous excitement !

First of all , I received email from Nuffnang a few days ago stated that my video has been approved ! I am so excited and so happy , I never been happier , so I open my laptop and check the blogbuster tab in Nuffnang website . One of my video has been approved ! yeay !! so I quickly open my blog to check either it is appearing or not , sadly , there is no single video or even advertisement appear  so I was quite dissapointed as the email said that the video ws displaying from 8 dec 2014 but that time it was already 14th Dec something like that. As I am a nerve wrecking type , so I send a ticket to Nuffnang , asking why the video is not appear bla bla bla .

Then I wait , until today ! Again , Nuffnang send me an email stated that my other video has been approved and it will be displayed starting 18 Dec , yes , today.. Again , I am quite excited and open my blog immediately to check the video .

and ............. its playing !! I am superrrrr happy ! and for now , I have a money crisis. ;p
and.............. now , I am only thinking of huge traffics ! How and what I gonna do to get a congested traffic to my blog ?

I even submitted one more ticket to Nuffnang today , asking some more question as I have sooo many doubt. I'm gonna share with you the answer to my question later. (Hope this may help for those who keen to know)

For your information , I have submitted five (5) videos to Nuffnang , as it is limited to five videos so I think I ought to grasp all the oppurtunity. Because I read so many reviews and experiences before this that actually blogbuster campaign is a money machine . weheeee . So yeah , as this time , the task is quite simple plus I have friends to help so why not to give it a try . The things I need to do are be a little bit brave and open minded to ask friends' help and act in the videos :)

So, yeah , I did it , I even submitted a video of my mom as an actress ,.kiki. I ask my mom's help ,
I even hope all my videos will be approved so you guy can watch different video every time you come here .

Have you watch it ? What do you feel ? Am I way too far to be an actress ? hehe
Want to watch more ? Be sure to always come to my blog :D 

Korang ada hantar video blogbuster untuk kali ni? Dah di approve ke belum?
Cepat cepat check website nuffnang. Mana tahu ada rezeki kan !.
Jangan lupa tengok video anis tu ye,replay la banyak banyak sampai puas tengok video 10 saat .
Macehhh hihi. ;)

K babe until here ,

Much kisses,


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,best gila :D
    Tahniah dear

    1. Hehe,apa yang best ni bv, video tu best atau di approve ni . Eh bv ada hantar x?

  2. congratssss!!
    waaahhh. nak jugak tengok. .hehehe :D

  3. wah hebattttt. tak sempat nak buat video ritu! tahniah btw video accepted! :)

    1. Haha . Cuba nasib je hari tu tauu. Thank you. Ala rugi laa

  4. i only noticed the blockbuster campaign after the deadline -_-" btw wishing you all the best! :)

    Najlaa 'Aqilah

  5. Tahniah awak, dah tengok dah! Ehh sharelah macam mana nak buat video, nanti kalau ada blogbuster lagi bolehlahh join sekali heheeh.. :)

    1. Hi Azwar, boleh je Anis share macam mana anis buat video tu, senang je jangan risau heee

  6. best nya kak !! ina dah tengok dah ;)) tahniah ye ^^

  7. comel je video nya..heehe

    tahniah,,,untungla diaaa :) jeles aiii

    menulis tentang.. : Pendek sebab tak cukup kalsium?

  8. simple dan comel je iklan tu..tahniah :)


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