My November Hijabs

A S S A L A M U A L A I K U M 

Well it already late November !

I only come to realize when I just bought two pieces of wide shawls at one time that I'd shopping a lot of hijabs last month (October).
I really suffer from financial lost and I hate that !
I name it my November HIJAB because I gonna wear it all in this month :)

Got so many unevitable debt around me. hihi
Just a few ringgit LOL . but done paying it back.
People also debting with me.
Well it is not an issue right now.

In this post , I would like to share some of the hijabs that I have bought last month. Yes because I feel a little bit free to review each of them.
I'm not only going to display the photos of the hijab , but I'll also include the link of the shop where I'd purchase them if you keen to know  ;')

I have been looking for this pattern long long long time! Actually I've  found a lot of floral wideshawls from a lot of shop but because I won't buy it if it more than RM15 so I just ingore that.
But this floral wideshawl just costs RM 10.  $$ WORTH buying

This is Hot Pink Plain Wideshawl and was only RM10 too. Actually I expected the pink is way a little bit more striking but it come out to be more soft,. But, It okay,I kinda love this color too.

Both from @Elscarves  (instagram)

Is it beautiful ? In this case ,you have to say 'yes'  because this is expensive ! ;)
RM25 for one piece , but not regret buying it because it is a high quality pashmina . Would show you how it turn out when I wear it later.

Bought from My friend

Bawal saree murah @fromsa_ (instagram)

and yes ! I love this bawal saree ! Damn good color and the design is kinda rare. Notice the fish design on it ? what a coincidence because I wore this to Sunway Lagoon a few weeks ago! The blue indicates water , sea , theme park ,teheee

Why I say murah? Coz it was really cheap, RM20 only excludes postage.

I only purchased 6 hijabs for a month but I already thought I've bought so many. ;p
The other two were only plain black bawal and one more I can't remember it while writing this post.

Could you imagine what it would turn out if we add different vibrant shawl into this outfit?
Grey-ish skirt with knitted white jumper,
I kinda love it, because it looks simple but expressive , bold to add something up to your head.
Gonna go with this inspired outfit later , ! :D

Oh ya! that lacey flat shoe ! I'm dying to have it , found one at NOSE shop but it is too expensive to me. (RM69.90)
Gonna ask mom to buy it for me . hehehh

Thank you for reading , blog u later ! :D


  1. kalau dah banyak sangat tu dah boleh buat jualan garage atau online jer... lepas tu boleh beli yg baru

  2. bawal saree tu cantekk. .n floral wideshawl tu. .hrga pun mampu milik kan. . :D
    btw gudluck ya. . :)

    1. kan ! anis jatuh cinta sekali pandang je bawal saree tu bv .

  3. wahh,, cantik2 tudung tu.. kalau u nak beli lg byk tudung, and berpatutan, u beli dkt SBU Shop..
    Untuk u yg suke shopping, seriously jackpot pergi kt SBU Shop :D

    1. that's true Nazira ! I know SBU shop, tapi mostly dorang tak jual online kan, kena pergi shop kat KL nun jauh di sana . ;p

  4. the Satin Pashmina is soooo pretty! I'm a huge fan of Pashmina cause of the quality of the fabric and I definitely love that colour!
    xoxo, Mira |

    1. Yes ! Its is Mira! I rarely wear pashmina , but gonna style em later ;) They looks adorable

  5. wow wi !! bawal saree pun ada..made from kain sari ke?

  6. nice hijab... tapi akak tidaklah mahir nak pakai macam tu... huhuhuh