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August 27, 2014

Answer this if u can . . .

Sherlock Holmes was walking down the streets in the morning when he found many people gathered. They were circling a woman‘s dead body.

He examined the body & found a purse in which was her license. Her name was Anne & he called up her residence number. Her husband picked up the phone and Sherlock said, “Your wife is dead“.

“No way“, said the husband.

“Please come and confirm“, said Sherlock.

Husband said, “Ok“ & hung up.

After 10 mins husband came & he saw the body & started crying.

Sherlock looked at the police
 officer & said, “ARREST THE HUSBAND!!!...HE IS THE MURDERER!!“


copy paste from group whatsapp

Mark kita lihat siapa yang berbakat jadi penyiasat ! ;) 


  1. Kalau jawapan ni salah nanti saya cuba jawab lagi :)

    Gini.. the husband came to the scene kaannn.. Throughout phone conversation tadi Sherlock tak beritahu pun hubby dia location diorg jumpa mayat. So, macam mana the hubby boleh tau location... unless of course, he murdered his wife!

  2. hihi sebenarnya tak tahu jawapan wakakaka.. KBKK memang fail :p hahaha.. tapi stuju dengan jawapan atas. cewah padahal sebenarnya tak tahu pape wakakaka..

  3. Haaaah. Betul rasa jawapan ats tuu. Boleh diterima. Inche sherlock tak ada cakap apa apa pun. T.T

  4. Oh baru perasan, tengok komen pertama. :p Kalau tak tak tahunya. Memang tak berbakat jadi penyiasat langsung! ><


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