Hello Iphone 6 release date


.Kalau korang sedar, banyak kali dah aku cerita pasal Iphone 6 ye dok?
tapi mostly cerita pakai gambar je la. kalau korang nak tahu lebih, baik korang google sebab aku nak cita pon aku pon tak tahu menahu sangat.

gempak gila kalau macam ni

tapi ada beberapa basic rumours yang aku dapat baru baru ni

1. Iphone 6 will be launching in September 9 2014 !

wuhuuuuuuuu.. can't wait

tapiii biasanya, phone akan available 10 days after the launching so maybe 19September2014 which is one my birthday,you can rush to Apple Store to purchase one ;)

2.Come in dual size
satu besor (maybe besar galaxy note ), satu kecik(maybe size S3 /4.7 inch)..
mana satu jadi pilihan korang.. besar atau kecil?

3.IOs 8
Aku tak tahu sangat pasal IOs tapi this one is better than old one. .. of course

4.13megapixels camera

Ini not sure . since before this Iphone kekalkan 8 megapixels for each generation start from Iphone 4 i guess.
but before this,I read from a website states that Apple claims that the megapixels aren't everything for a better picture. ;)
I agree with that statement since Iphone camera is damn good.

I always blogged about Iphone 6 because I ada simpan sikit rasa nak beli fon ni.
Basically I have waited for months. and I haven't change my pre-decision yet.

but I'll reconsider when I see how the phone the look like, the reviews,camera,price and apps.Of course I would not purchase on the launching day #hopefully.

Why I want to have a Iphone?

My top reasons are

1.Great camera and effect
So it become easy to me to do anything I want,I guess.

but it is undeniable that S3 camera(current phone) is quite good either. so tetttt ..

2.More user friendly like anything can be accessed faster and more convenient than android which sometime or all the time would stuck or takes time to open any apps espcially gallery.

I suppose that are the only reasons personally so far.

How about ya?
Will ya get the Iphone on the launching day?


  1. setelah sekian lama pakai samseng, tetiba bla tgk iP6 ni rs nk rembat 1 la ;-)

  2. suka yg baru ni.. tpi.. takut tgk harganya haha..

  3. Perghh..iphone6 dia..bergaya gitew! Nampak lebih style, yg penting kamera iphone of kos cantek gile kan.

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  5. iPhone punya camera , graphics memang cantik. hehe :D pernah pasang angan-angan nak pakai iphone, tapi harganya mahal sgt.. huhu

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  7. Penunggu setia iPhone buat koleksi dari 4s,5,5s sekarang. Tunggu iPhone 6 nie dilancarkan nanti. Maybe harga tak lebih dari 4k.

  8. Penunggu setia iPhone buat koleksi dari 4s,5,5s sekarang. Tunggu iPhone 6 nie dilancarkan nanti. Maybe harga tak lebih dari 4k.

  9. peminat samsunggg ! heheehheh.. tpi bce spec. utk iphone 6 nie mmg gempak..kaler pon cun2..

  10. Rasanyaa kalau dari segi camera aina lebih suka xperia yang latest. Rasa macamm woow sangat.hehe