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June 26, 2014

Assalamualaikum readers and beauty junkies ..

The person that invented make up is a genius as it answers the worries of all women around the world. Why do I say so? MAKE UP allows us to create different looks based on our mood and feeling every day and the best part is we could cover our blemishes or scar pimples easily. 

Yes, skin care products would do the trick also but it will take quite some time for the spots to fade away. Imagine if you have a hot date with the special someone that night, but when you wake up in the morning you suddenly have an outburst of pimple. Women would freak out especially when you have to deal with this during important occasions.
 Skin care products can never reduce the pimple instantly and this is where make up comes very handy to us!

The secret trick to cover scars or pimples is by applying a concealer on the affected area. Find a concealer which suits your skin colour from the various make up brands available in the market. You could check out brands like Sephora as they do not only provide concealers but other makeup products as well. The tip in finding the right choice of concealer colour is by applying it on your hand and blending it in. You will figure out whether the colour fits your skin tone or not by applying multiple concealer colours and select which blends in well. Other than that, concealers could also cover up those nasty eye bags you have.

Another make up product which could do you wonders is the power of blushers. Whether you are dark tone, medium toned or fair, blushers have the effect of turning your dull pale skin to a fresher look! You could select from the powder or cream texture blusher from various colour shade of pink, peach or caramel to suit your skin tone. Your face will definitely look fresh and healthy with a slight touch of blush. For a long lasting blushed look, apply some foundation before brushing in the blusher with a circular motion.

For your information , Sephora is one of the well-known and most leading brand that has variety of make up to make women look fresh and sexy immediately. Many women like Sephora and use their quality products daily. 
You can choose all types of product from foundation to the cheek blusher and so on.
I would try one of the sephora product later on but what I was really looking for right now is concealer.
To cover up my cute panda looking eyes. (A must wishlist ^___^)

Can’t wait to look pretty ?  At Zalora, you could browse through a wide selection of makeup products online without even stepping out of the house. All are at your fingertips !You could not only find concealers and blushers but also other make up products like powders, lipstick, mascara and more!

Masalah dashboard satu entry je muncul ?

June 25, 2014

Assalamualaikum , korang hadapi masalah yang sama dengan saya kan ? kan ,, kena buka dashboard setiap satu jam untuk aca entry baru dari rakan blogger yang berlainan .'

dihnyaaa .. lepas satu, satu ,
mungkin pihak blogger tengah buat maintenance kot.

mula-mula ingatkan aku sorang je yang mengalami masalah yang teruk gila nak blogwalking , leave comment n etcetra. tapi bila jenjalan ke blog orang lain . most of the bloggers ada masalah yang sama .

solution sekarang ,
 buka blog yang ada banyak bloglist and terjah je blog yang baru update .

take time sikit lah .. sian x ?

tapi jangan risau ,. ada banyak kelebihan tau ,.
kita bukan mengecilkan circle friends kita tapi kalau kita terjah blog-blog kat bloglist actually kita boleh kenal  lagi banyak jenis blog . new friend, new reader . seronok kan ? haha ., nak sedapkan hati . k byeeee .

PhotoDiary ♥ Ipoh Art Street, Jalan Masjid

June 24, 2014

I know I know I cannot upload all my pictures taken during last weekend on the Instagram . 
but luckily I have another platform that allow me to share my momentous pictures here . 
This post woud be crowded with selfie and shared happiness, so BEWARE ! >.<

I did not really realize that Ipoh has too many places to cover , espcially to a nerdy person like meh (hey I'm not nerd though I am medical student ;p)
I were really happy though it is a really hot day, if you are Ipoh citizen you should go visited this place early before lumut start creating their own art <3


ta ! onnu , rendu , nalu

daeyyyy machaaaa , kamcing betul, siap nak ketuk kepala aku

shut up and see :D
tadi tak serious , sekarang serious okayyyyy :D

sedihnya nak balik dah ..

sebelum balik , ice kepal dulu . RM3 each , mahal kan ? :(

asalkan boleh hidup menda sejuk-sejuk , mahal pon bantal je laaaa

Last sekali isi perut anje I ni dengan Spicy Chichken Tomyam at Black Canyon !
mmmmmmmmmmm yummmy yumm yummm :D

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