Polariod Instax as Wishlist

December 14, 2013

Oh my God , suddenly without considering I have money to eat or not or whatever I decided to put Polaroid Instax Fujifilm in my wishlist.

But yet,  not decided to buy it .

Coz I am still not sure I'll make it usefull

coz I have two cameras , one broken , one still can use but I just kept it in my super packed drawer.
When I start to think again , what kind of waste,

Masa nak dulu, terkinja-kinja .
tapi sekarang guna camera fon je ;D

after all , just like to share some of pictures . from weheartit


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  2. cantik² semua gambar..sweet momories :)

  3. hehe .. kan . dari weheartit mmg cantik .huhu


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