Holiday !


Yeay . Restfull days gonna be mine starting from today untill this monday evening. I hope this holiday gonna past very slow . Muet exam is getting nearer. I thought i dont have enough time to cover a lot of reading ,listening,writing and also speaking practices. I'm afraid I will failed again ;'(

My target is 220/300(if not mistaken)  ;P LOL .
I hope i can score
100/120 for reading
40/45 for listening
25/45 for speaking
50/90 for writing

 not even reach 220 , i can't target more ;(  This is just my target xD
but what i think , i won't reach that marks, ;( because i dont even put so much effort pon ;(

I am listing my plans 2weeks ago which i would spend at least 1 hours on English a day, but guess what ? i dont bother to do that ;( pity me .

Please Anys , be serious in English . Dont be lazy . English is not only for your foundation . It is for your whole life. It also important in many things like job interview,presentation and etcetera . please , be serious , i beg .

Practice English everyday will improve your English command !
so chaiyook Anys. You are the best among the best ! okayyyy :P


  1. Good Luck for your test MUET. Saya pun ambek jugak. Hehehehe Eh jom bace entry Say NO to Valentine's Day Part 1, Jom bace, tambah ilmu pengetahuan. Kekening ^^

  2. Practice makes perfect :)Gud luck sis!

  3. all the best ya~!