♥ EOS Adult Blue Circle Lens Review

Hello everyone !
Circle lens, circle lens .. yeahh , i love circle lens more than my blue spec .. but to wear circle lens , really need some time to me T_T and we needs to be careful all the time. Have you ever tried circle lens? Yes? No ?

Well ,This circle lens is sponsored by Shoppingholics . Thank you so much ^_^ .. 
I really love it as i also dying a circle lens without thick black ring..
This is my first EOS brand circle lens. I can't wait to try it..

Let's see the packaging first ,..
Tadaa !

So kawaii ,
 i love it damn much ! Their packaging was really secure.. If you notice , they put the circle lens in a pink gift box .. It really really like i was receiving a gift from my special boyfriend. Awww,.I think i had a lucky day on that day.
They also wrapped the gift box with bubble plastic and put the box and the contact lens case in a super cute plastic . sorry i snap the picture , but it's missing , i can't find it ..
 but what i can say , their packaging was really cute,you can give to your friends as a birtday gift too ..
They also included one animal len case and a small cute card.
This is my first time got animal case .. it is blue frog ..omomo.. i really love it ! even it is a frog . he hehe.

Look ! How cute my little frog ^_^ ^_^ he hehew..
So that is EOS Adult circle lens design in blue !
In my heart , "i want to know , i want to know, i want to know how it look like on my eyes ..

 Yo gals! I've fallen in love with this lens. I look like a British girl with this color ^_^ muahehe .

this picture is taken in various light (condition ) . . sorry if make you feel messy ..
1. first picture with outdoor light and flash
2. with flash
3.outdoor light

Review and rating

Color and design : ♥♥♥♥
I really like the color under outdoor light ..
I give me a powerful eyes :)
The design is simple but it does give very nice effect ..

Comfortable : ♥♥♥♥♥♥
At first , i dont feel very comfortable with this lens , but after a few seconds ,. keep blinking my eyes , and the lens was very very comfortable .. It does not irritate my eyes , it does not make my eyes become tired and heavy even i wear for long hours ..

Enlargement : ♥♥♥♥♥
It does not give any enlargement , not too big not too small ..
i likee it ! as i am also not have a big eyes ;)

Overall : ♥♥♥♥
 I like them .. The stunning effect blend with english look , really beautiful.. It also comfortable , which for me , not all type of lenses is confomtable .. some lens make my eyes become tired in short period , but this lens are not .. EOS brand is a quality brand from Korea ..
It comes with a few colors . so i wish to try all colors next time , hehe.

If yo want this lens , you can purchase it here ^_^

Thanks to http://www.shoppingholics.com for giving me opportunity to try and review this lenses !
They also sell Korea and Japan cosmetics like Candy Doll, Dolly Wink, Melliesh ,Missha,Baviphat and more famous cosmetics brand .. FY1 , their base from Malaysia ..
Happy shopping at shoppingholics gals ^+^

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  1. cantik lens!
    ehem ehem, desgn blog baru cantik! jealous sekali lagi.
    hihi :DD header awesome la kak :))

    1. hehe , ya .. memang cantik tw , hehe
      haha , mana ada cantik pon , biasa2 ja , huhu ..
      anyway tq !^_^

  2. Ayamak , dulu mmg ya fyqa minat gila lens. now dah kurang. Yang lens lama pun tepaksa buang. sedihh. tapi bca post anys teringin plak nak pkai balek, hewhew :P

    1. hehe..anys pon dulu buang jugak , first lens , sebab jrg pakai plus tak reti ,.. hehe ,,
      wahh , pengaruh yang baik ni , huhhu ^_^

  3. Hahaha Takut tengok orng yg pakai lance yg color2 galak... Biru

    1. haha ,. yeke ..takot apa ? takot tergoda r ? muahehehe ;)

  4. wahhh cik adik comel kita da tukar layout daaa!hehe...

    saya tak perlu lens pun...hehehe... XD

    1. wahh , ngehehe .. yo ler , boring dgn layout lama.
      comel. hee mana ada;D
      seronoknyaa.. jimat duit , hikiki

    2. hahah janganlah blushing blushing...kehkehkehhh

    3. haha ... dah blushing da^_^ cemana ni . hehehh..

  5. again, another nice lens... i like it too. really look like british. blue eyes. hehehehe ^^

    1. hehe , thank youu ^_^
      yaa .. come on , try it ? ;)
      first time trying light blue lens ;)

  6. kunjungan hangat.. kunjung balik yach. jangan lupa follow nya.. :D

  7. huhu..warna biru tu memang memukau la tengok..cantik..dah wajah baru ek blog die..rajin anyss tukar..ohsem

    1. Ha'ah , tu lahh , biru muda ;) huhu ..
      thank youu ..
      yaaa ! hehe , rajin sikit . huhuhu ..
      tq ^_^

  8. cantiknyer ... n comei jugaq bekas lense tu, hehe~~

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