Finally .. owned my own skin

October 28, 2011

Assalamualaikum . 
Finally .. haha . i took long time, hours after hours. days after days to finish up this simple and ugly skin , really tired , my body, eyes .oh my goodness..  i think not to bad as i dont too profesional ..riite ? pfftt .
i will credit the images and navigator later . wait okehh .
oh yeah btw . as this is my first skin i coding it by myself so i want to upload it in blogskin soon . when ? what do you think ? after i being bored using this skin , bahaha . i eagerly to type more and more but i just dont know what to type , if i start being ridiculuos, its mean i start dumbed myself , broken grammar is part of my life . 
thanks for reading ! 

 keep uploading pictures . :)


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