photoshoot WIth FATIN LIYANA !

start from today . (oh yeah) I WANNa start blogging with english writing ! for what ? n for who ? i dream to blogging in english bcov i want to improve my broken english definitely. for who yeah ?! hello my readers ! its not for me keh , its 4 my lovely kindly cupidly paper examiner , hehhxx ,LOVELY ?? wow !
but ! am i very sure bouts this annoyed thingss !? ouhh my GUCCI ! how can i decided this stupid things . the stupido thingsss ! AIGO ! hey hey , why i called this is A stupid thing ? hehehh . for sure laa bcoz i'm lying u my dear .. !! NOW , LAUGH TO URSELF .hahaha , if u dunt laugh 4 ur self . i'm laughing for u. kahkahakkahh , 
ueergghh ! boring right readings my entry ,? i dunt know why n what was the main issue i wrote in dis entry. is it about changing my lauguage in my blog ? or i want to shared the photoshoot before ? ngah3 !
photoshoot with sys FATIN LIYANA ? deal ! 
absolutely PHOTOshoot photoshhoooooot ! life of fioto siut ! BUT NOT WITH HER LALALALA ~
enough i'm lying for today , huhuuuu . tata ^_^

she is cute right ? aNd intelligent , respect  u sys !! cute+smart=PERFECT !
u ALLs my readers have to agreed with me !
say YES now. hihii

she is also CUTE right ?
haha ! u HAVE to AGREED wif me too !!!
dont make me angry ! haha
THIS IS bla bla bla ~

who is dis ?
datin owner of dis blog ! winx >?<

dont eva because of less IODINE , SALT is not form !
sys ! i know u understnd dis idiom .chemistry IDIOM.haha
u should UNDERSTAND , 

p/s sory broken english ,spelling mistkes , grammar n anythx else


  1. egt betol2 tadi..huu

    cantekk :)

  2. folow saya balik ye si comel

  3. sys,gamba nombo tiga tuh gamba sys kan ?
    pergh !! dah nak sama mcm fatin liyana lah :D

    btw,hope akk dpt teruskan penulisan dlm BI.
    jgn jd mcm kite.dulu2 ade tulis entry dalam BI,tup2 ubah balik jd BM sbb dah terlampau slow bab2 BI nieyh xD

  4. ain , yaa , me la too, hee prggh ! ykew ? haha . mean cute la kan ? hehe ., tengs3, haha. insyallah darling !

  5. selalu la terjah awk.hehehe.keep intouch darl.awk comeyl =)
    lagik comel kalo dpt beganding betul2 ng FL double comeylhehe

  6. aiyokk frahh ! kamu lg cooomell taw ! hehe . tq2 terjah anys , hehe .keep in touch too keh , huhuuu

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    And 'neath this foolish motley I will woo her