changing new header . which one most cute eh ?

February 10, 2011

owh yeah , i'm changing new header , i think the new header looks blurr than before , i hate the blurr things . ohh god , plisss help me :( heh . annoyingg . lets look .



which one grab ur heart ? haha (sorry 4 broken english)
4 my opinion , i think i likeeeeeee . errr no comment , usually my header only last for one week ! more than that , its mean i like that header , or i'm quite bz . ouhh , it is bcov i;m a person which feels boring faster , hehehh , grrr...thatss all .
no need to comment at all . haha 


  1. mm...on my opinion...the 1st one is cuter...hehe...

    btw...just as a friend...for the 2nd's cuter if u said

    let me whisper u something..

  2. owhhh , really ? tq bebehh ., hehe . but i nver use my second hand header , when i remove it , its means i remove it 4eva , huhuu ,.

  3. ooo...hehe...
    i was also referring to the header u were using right now too...ehe.. =D

  4. hehe , how about my header rite now eh ? ok ta ? hehe


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